What Are You Interested In?

When it comes to making a change in your life, mindset is key.

Be Inspired

Having the right mindset is what inspires you to go after your goals, and it’s also what motivates you to follow through with them. Start with the belief that you CAN do this, and the rest will follow.

But it isn’t a magic formula. Any kind of growth – whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual – takes time and hard work. It’s a process. And part of that process is reaching a point where you must be committed in order to keep going, even though it’s hard.

Why not put that commitment on display for the world to see?
When you commit yourself to working hard and refuse to give up, big things happen. And even bigger things happen when you rely on the strength that comes from God, instead of just on your own strength.

We all have different areas of our lives that need the most growth, but we all have access to a power that is stronger than what we can achieve on our own. And with 265 Point, you also have a community of people to encourage you along the way. Each of our goals may look a little different, but we can reach for them together.

We are here to support you in your journey, whatever that may look like. Our signature gear, with words of encouragement and confidence, is just one of the many methods we use to uplift and cheer you on.

Take a stand against the doubts that try to say you can’t accomplish your goals – because nothing is impossible with God (Matthew 19:26). Show the world your confidence, and be reminded everywhere you go that you can expect to achieve the impossible.

, What Are You Interested In?
Share your story and become a well-respected influencer who makes a positive impact on others.

Publish a Book

, What Are You Interested In?
Stop putting it off, and just write that book.
Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a book, but never got around to starting it. Maybe you don’t have a clue where to start. Or maybe you started writing ages ago, but you just can’t seem to get it finished.

Becoming a published author isn’t an impossible goal. But it does take work. Whether you’re wrestling with finding motivation, or you just aren’t sure where to start, we can help!

Let us take you from idea to book launch and beyond – get inspired to start, encouraged to keep going, and empowered to follow through to the finished product.

Writing a book is just the beginning.
You have a powerful story to share. One that can transform more lives than you might imagine. But in order to share it, you have to take that first step and actually write it down. Then you have to keep putting one foot after the other and see the book through to publication.

Writing and selling books is not a hobby – it’s a business. And like any business, what you put into it affects what you get out of it. Learn how to build an audience and market your book, so that it reaches the people it needs to reach. From there, you can continue to transform lives as your platform grows.

Conquer the fear of starting. Keep putting words on the paper, even when the words don’t come easily. Finish the book you started writing, no matter how long it has taken. Get your story into the hands of people who need to hear it, and start changing lives.

Turn your book into a profitable coaching program without selling your soul.

Launch a Business

So you’ve published your book. Now what?
Once you’ve published your book, how about taking that influence to the next level by turning it into a coaching program? You already know you have an important message to share, and you’ve already started putting that message out into the world. But there’s only so much that you can say in one book, or even several.

You have a gift that can be a blessing in other people’s lives. Working with someone directly, one-on-one, puts you in a unique position to help – and watch – them grow.

And at the same time, you’ll be growing yourself. Instead of becoming stagnant, you can take the next step into a career that will enable you to have a much deeper influence.

Live out your values while growing your business.
Launching a business takes hard work and dedication. It also takes time and support. We know because we’ve been there – and we can help you get there, too.

Whether you’ve been entertaining the idea of starting a business for years and years or you never expected that writing a book would prepare you for this next step, we’re here to offer our experience and support.

Like many, you may believe that in order to grow a successful coaching career, you have to resort to tactics that don’t uphold godly values. The good news is that simply isn’t true. You can use your story and expertise to have a positive influence on others’ lives while honoring God in your business practices.
Build an Audience: Attract dream clients that connect with you and your book's message.

, What Are You Interested In?
, What Are You Interested In?
Who is going to read your story?
Writing and publishing a book is just the first part of a greater process – and it doesn’t accomplish anything if no one actually buys and reads your book. In order for your book to have the maximum impact, you need to attract the right audience and get your message into the hands of the people who really need to hear it.

You need to bring value to people’s lives and build trust that will compel them to listen to what you have to say. And in order to do that, you need to know where to find that audience, and how to catch their interest.

The right message also requires the right audience.
Some people are going to read your book and not get anything out of it. Other people are going to read your book and be transformed by your message. So it’s important to get that message out to as many of the second group of people as possible.

In other words, you need to build an audience of people who will benefit the most from what you have to offer.

It’s not about the numbers (although numbers are great to have!) – it’s about establishing a “win-win” relationship that is ideal for everyone involved. A relationship that fosters growth in mind and spirit for you and your clients, where the message and talents God has given you can thrive.

Take your message to the masses and build relationships that improve your bottom line.

Monetize Your Message

What if your story could inspire others and earn you money at the same time?
Sure, it’s a great accomplishment just to finish writing the book and let your friends and family see the product of your hard work. But you have the potential to make an even wider impact than you might think.

Helping others and getting paid don’t have to be mutually exclusive – in fact, they can support and build on each other. The more people who hear your message, the more lives you can touch. And the number of people you are able to reach grows as you have more resources to invest.

, What Are You Interested In?
What you have to say is valuable.
You already know your story – now it’s time to tell it, make a difference in people’s lives, and get the monetary support you need to keep spreading the word.

We believe that a worker deserves his or her wages (1 Timothy 5:17), and that hard work will be rewarded. Imposter Syndrome tries to tell us that no one wants to hear our message or that we aren’t qualified to tell it – but that’s a lie. No one else in the world can tell your story like you can, and no one else in the world can have the exact impact that you can.

Don’t be afraid to tell your story! Trust God to make use of the message He has given you, and follow where He leads. You may be surprised where you end up, or who you end up working alongside.

Upgrade your prayer life so that your faith goes to new levels.

Grow Spiritually

Feed and nourish your soul.
Here at 265 Point, we aren’t just about keeping a healthy body and growing as a professional. We believe that our spirits need to grow and mature just as our bodies and minds do, and that it’s essential to have a community that encourages you to make progress in all aspects of life.

A healthy prayer life nourishes us spiritually and equips us to grow in other areas as well. It establishes us in our relationship with God, and lays a foundation for health and wholeness in soul, mind, and body.

Grow in maturity together with like-minded people.
As a support team, we want to encourage you in your spiritual life as well as your physical or professional goals. Let’s walk together in prayer, so that we can strengthen and encourage one another.

We know that when we gather in the name of Jesus, God is with us (Matthew 18:20). And when we lift each other up, we can accomplish far more than we could on our own.

We are all imperfect people. None of us has all the answers or gets everything right all the time. But when we come together in prayer, we also grow and learn together.

Although transformation is hard work, you don’t have to go through it all alone. Join us, and deepen your faith through prayer-filled relationships in a community of imperfect people who are seeking to grow spiritually, physically, and professionally.

, What Are You Interested In?