Tracking-Your-Workouts-265-Point-Total-FitnessWe all are on our own unique fitness journeys. If you’re feeling a little lost on your journey, or you’re going through the motions and not headed anywhere specific, then a workout journal might prove to be a useful tool.

Who Should Track Their Workouts?

Honestly, everyone. A workout log is not just for competitive or elite athletes. Anyone can benefit from keeping track of the work they’re putting in at the gym. If you’ve got fitness goals, then you should keep track of your data.

You can make your workout log as simple or as complex as you need. When you’re just getting started, it’s helpful to start with simple. Then as you build a habit around workout tracking, you’ll figure out the data that make the most sense to track. And you can start adding more information to your workout entries.

What Should I Track?

As a general rule of thumb, track the numbers and metrics that will help you get results. Set clearly defined goals and then figure out the numbers that align with your fitness goals. Make sure that you write down the date when recording a workout. And be as specific as you can with the details.

Where Should You Keep Track?

A simple spiral-bound notebook works great. Or, if you prefer to go digital, there are tons of apps available. Which method is better? It’s personal preference. The best approach is going to be the method that you actually use and what works best for you.

When Should You Log Your Workouts?

Every day! On a day that you don’t work out, then mark that down in your journal as a rest day. If you’re using an app, you’ll probably have your phone with you. If you happen to forget your notebook, make detailed notes on your phone so that you can transfer the information later on.

Why Should You Track Your Workouts?

Keeping a workout log focuses your training and makes your workouts more effective. It’s also a great source of motivation since you can look back, see where you started, as well as how far you’ve come. You can also compare your most recent results to the past and see how you are progressing.

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