Let’s talk marketing for a minute.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been polling authors, speakers and entrepreneurs on their biggest “block” in creating social media content and putting themselves out there…

Any guesses on the #1 answer? The common thread?

It’s this:

“I don’t know WHAT to say to or HOW to say things that get ‘engagement’ (i.e. likes and comments)…”

So they stare blankly at the blinking cursor on their phone or computer wondering what in the world to say that will be “insightful”, “profound”, “deep”, or “funny”. Then when they FINALLY think of something “good” (usually after hours… even days of sitting on it), they stop short of sharing it because “maybe it’s not as good as I think it is.”

What does this all mean? 🤔

It means that the #1 reason that we don’t show up on social media (or show up consistently) really comes down to one word…


  • Fear of not being liked.
  • Fear of being ridiculed.
  • Fear of being challenged (and not knowing what to say)…

Friends if you can identify with what I am sharing here, know this:

  • Fear is the kiss of death that is stopping you from expanding your audience.
  • You DON’T need to be an “expert“ at social media
  • You don’t need to show up any “special” way other than as your unique self.
  • You just need to SHOW UP.
Because people AREN’T looking for perfect like you think they are. What people are REALLY looking for is someone who is relatable…a REAL person just like them which happens to be YOU. 😉😉😉 

So share your quirks…share your story…be YOU and show your personality…Because the secret to social media is really RELATABILTY. People follow those that they know, like and trust.

Which means:

  • You have to share so people can get to know you.
  • The people that you are called to reach will like you just as you are because you remind them of someone (themselves). Forget the one or two haters and trolls. They aren’t your tribe.
  • When you show up as your unique self – there is no B.S. and your trust factor automatically gets a boost.

So tell that voice in your head that says that you have to be perfect to kick rocks. It’s trying to protect you but ultimately it’s hurting you.

Just be YOU and you’ll attract your tribe.

You’ve got this! 👊👊👊

P.S. If you DON’T put yourself out there for people to find you then your tribe will NEVER have the chance to experience what you have to offer. That means they’ll never get a new lease on life, laugh until they hurt, escape to a faraway land, or heal from past hurts – you know all of the reasons you started writing/speaking or became a heart-felt entrepreneur in the first place. Your current and future followers can’t benefit from your book/speaking/services if they don’t know about it! 😉😉😉. So please DON’T let the fear of being visible (and everything that could come along with it) imprison you and stop you from sharing your gifts with the world.

Oh and one more thing…

LOTS of people scroll social media and NEVER like or comment because that’s how they operate 🤷‍♀️ It has NOTHING to do with you. So don’t let likes and comments be your end all be all. 🤗🤗🤗