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Tamara “Coach Tam” Jackson

Who I am today is NOT who I have always been. Not long ago, I was buckling under the pressure of everything that was going wrong in my life…

  • Bad relationships
  • Stalled career
  • Finances in shambles
  • Spiritually disconnected
  • Mentally drained
  • and emotionally bankrupt
  • …and the girl who grew up wearing special “slim” jeans ballooned to 265 pounds, seemingly overnight.

Now on the outside looking in, it would be easy to think that I was…

  • Lazy
  • Didn’t care about my looks
  • Didn’t value my health

But that was the furthest thing from the truth!

I wanted to change. I just didn’t know how. Losing weight and keeping it off was hard.

Once, I experienced some success – losing 40 pounds in 5 months for a friend’s wedding – but not long after the big day, I lost my motivation and the pounds started to creep back on. I decided there was no hope for me and gave up. I thought “this is just too hard.”

But one day in December of 2007 everything changed. I went to the doctor for what I thought would be a routine physical. That was anything but routine. My doctor’s words shook me to my core.

After some serious soul searching, it finally clicked.

By the following October, I had lost a total of 100+ pounds, without:

  • Surgery
  • Diet Pills
  • Shakes or juicing
  • Expensive supplements
  • Extreme workouts
  • or even hiring a Personal Trainer

It wasn’t easy but it was definitely worth it.

Plus, past October, I celebrated 12 years of maintenance, something most people will tell you is impossible.

When I look at my old photos and then look in the mirror, I’m amazed…and thankful.

Thankful that…

  • I can walk into a room with my head held high
  • I’m no longer ashamed of how I look
  • I can walk up several flights of stairs without being winded
  • I can get out of my car without pain
  • I can do fun things like whitewater rafting and zip lining

My life is totally different! Oh, and my career and income took off too.

  • Packed up and relocated to a new city in 14 days
  • 5 big promotions
  • Salary more than doubled
  • Earned my MBA
  • Became a certified fitness professional and health coach
  • Published a book
  • Started my own business
  • and much, much more