“If we seek for the best times to act, we may miss some opportunities. We must seize the moment and make it great.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

This week’s challenge: Seize the moment.

I get it. You’re busy. And, with all that you have on your plate, it can sometimes be tough to plan ahead. The truth is we are all juggling a lot at once and it really is not surprising that we set goals and struggle to meet them. So does this mean that we should give up on setting goals and throw in the towel? NO! Then what does it mean, Coach? I’m glad you asked :).

It means that as Tony Robbins famously said, we must “remain committed to our decisions but flexible in our approach.” I’m convinced that we often miss opportunities to act on a goal simply because we fail to notice them.

This week, I challenge you to have an “opportunities are everywhere” mindset. Instead of embracing an excuse (even if it’s valid) and focusing on what you CAN’T do, I want you to ask yourself “what CAN I do?”

Do you really have NO time to work out today? Or could you get in 15 minutes at home vs. your usual 30 at the gym?

Is there truly NO time to eat healthier or could you make healthier choices even when you’re stuck with the drive-thru?

Achieving your goal will often require FLEXIBILITY. If you require perfect conditions in order to be successful, life will eventually leave you feeling defeated.

Don’t give up, get creative! Not only will making this mental shift allow you to reach your current goals, but you’ll be positioned for long-term success. Always remember: successful people’s lives are not easier or better, they are just better at handling the challenges that life presents.

Seize the moment!

Coach Tam