Revive Your Book Sales Part 9: 4 Benefits of Consistent Promotion

, Revive Your Book Sales Part 9: 4 Benefits of Consistent Promotion

Revive Your Book Sales Part 9: 4 Benefits of Consistent Promotion


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You’ve invested time, money, and effort into creating a piece that reflects your beliefs and values. But what happens when it doesn’t sell as well as you hoped? The answer is simple: consistent promotion. Even if you’ve taken the necessary steps like social media, guest blogging, and optimizing your categories, you can’t stop promoting your book! 


In Part 9 of the Revive Your Book Sales series, Coach Tam explains four reasons consistently promoting your book is vital for your success as an author and how you can implement it into your marketing strategy. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can make a few posts or appear on a few interviews once in a while — take responsibility for the message God has given you by doing what it takes to get that message into the hands of readers. 


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • How easy it is for people to forget your book exists — and how to prevent it
  • How consistent promotion continues to bring in new readers
  • Why you must be committed to your message — and how to demonstrate your commitment
  • How to get more word-of-mouth marketing
  • Free training on keeping your book at #1 on Amazon


Consistent promotion can seem a little daunting at first. You might be afraid that people will get tired of your promotion efforts, or you might believe that it simply isn’t necessary to keep promoting your book for such a long time. But neither of those things are true.


So if you’re still on the fence, here are four reasons consistent promotion is the key to more book sales. 


It Keeps Your Book in the Minds of Readers


When it comes to books, out of sight is out of mind. One post on social media or an interview that you did two months ago may not be enough to keep your book in the forefront of your readers’ minds. 


Instead, staying in your readers’ thoughts requires consistent promotion of your book through various channels such as social media, email lists, advertising, interviews, and so on. You’ve got to be looking for different ways to constantly remind your readers to purchase or recommend your book to their friends and family. 


It Increases Your Online Presence & Builds Long-Term Success


The more you promote your book, the more people are likely to stumble upon it. Running Amazon or BookBub ads that specifically target your desired audience can increase your entire online presence and bring in new readers that may never have heard of your book before. Continually guest blogging on popular online platforms can also direct more traffic to your website, increasing your exposure and credibility as a writer. 


Plus, consistent promotion creates a constant flow of readership, reviews, and sales. The more reviews and sales you accumulate, the better your book will rank on online bookstores like Amazon — and a higher ranking can lead to even more purchases, reviews, and ultimately more success as an author. 


It Shows Your Dedication to Your Work


Listen, you can’t say that God called you to do something — to share His message with the world — and then give up when it gets hard. That’s just not an acceptable outcome. Why? Because if God truly gave you the message, then you are a steward of that message. That means you have an obligation — that’s right, an obligation! — to make sure that message gets to the intended audience. Consistent promotion is your responsibility.


Remember the Parable of the Talents? (If you need a refresher, it’s found in Matthew 25:14-30.) The end message of that story is that we are held accountable for what God gives us. Eventually, we will be asked to give an account, to answer for the message God has given us. 


So how committed are you to not just writing the book initially, but also making sure you do everything you can to get that book into the hands of readers?


Of course, the results aren’t in your hands. You can’t make specific results happen. But you are called to be obedient. So, if God gave you your message, and you know He wants you to get it to people, the question is: How obedient are you in consistently doing everything you can to get that message in front of the right people?


Consistent promotion demonstrates your commitment — not just to potential publishers, if you’re going the traditional publishing route, but to potential readers and other authors, too. It shows them that you are committed to your writing and you’re willing to put in the effort to get your book noticed. 


Here’s the thing. People come and go. They get really excited about what they’re doing, and they tell everyone and splash it all over social media. But over time, a lot of that excitement fades. And for many people, not only does the excitement fade, but their commitment also fades. 


So one day, they’re selling this. And then a couple of months later, they’re doing that. And the next year, they’re doing this. That doesn’t show commitment. If someone is investing in a product or service, they want to invest not just in that product or service, but in a relationship with that person. They want to know that the person will be there for them, to help them use the product or service and get the most out of it. To make sure they’re successful. 


So how committed are you? There could be people out there who want what you have to offer in your book, course, and coaching program, but they don’t know if you’re committed. Consistent promotion — even though you might be thinking of it negatively in your mind — is a way to show your audience that you are committed to showing up for them. This alone can lead to new readers, interviews, collaborations, and other opportunities that can help you grow as an author. 


It Encourages Word-of-Mouth Marketing


One of the most powerful forms of promotion is word-of-mouth marketing. Your readers are the most influential spokespeople that you could have, because if they love your book, they are going to recommend it to others. And consistent promotion increases the chances of your readers talking about your book with their friends, family, and social media followers, leading to even more success. 


Remember, when it comes to books — and anything else, really — out of sight is out of mind. If you’re only talking about your book once every six months or once a year, then no one is thinking about your book during the time period in between. In fact, they are thinking about other books! They’re getting bombarded with other messages from people who aren’t afraid to promote their book. 


Pause and think about that. Just because you aren’t doing it doesn’t mean other people aren’t. That means if you aren’t doing consistent promotion, the sale is going to someone else. Someone with a message that might not even be as powerful as yours — especially for the group God has called you to. 


That message isn’t meeting their needs, answering their questions, or solving the problems they’re facing. Your book is designed to do all of those things, but because you are shirking this responsibility you’ve been called to fulfill, and because you are unsure and uncomfortable about putting yourself out there as an author, those people are left with an option that doesn’t meet their needs


Step Up & Commit to Consistent Promotion


Friend, your audience needs you to step up. You might not want to hear this, but as a Christian author, your success relies heavily on constant promotion. That’s why having a consistent promotion strategy is so important. It helps keep your book in front of readers, increases your online presence and credibility, builds long-term success, shows dedication to your work, and promotes word-of-mouth marketing. 


Imagine how great it would feel if you could increase your book sales by implementing a simple strategic promotional plan for each new book release or event — a plan that gives you an edge over other books in your genre! 


It’s possible. You CAN have more visibility, both offline and online, with effective messaging strategies that will reach thousands of potential readers around the world. With our friend Nate’s free training, you’ll gain insight and all the strategies necessary for turning yourself into an expert author whose title is always at the top of the bestsellers list. 


Get ready to become the next big thing in your genre without worrying about failure again! Sign up now for access to Nate’s free training about the 3 Keys to Keeping Your Book at #1 on Amazon. Get started today, and turn those dreams into a reality. 



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