Revive Your Book Sales Part 5: Why You Should Be Writing Guest Blog Posts

, Revive Your Book Sales Part 5: Why You Should Be Writing Guest Blog Posts

Revive Your Book Sales Part 5: Why You Should Be Writing Guest Blog Posts


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Let’s face it: writing a book is one thing, but ensuring it gets the attention it deserves is an entirely different matter. For many authors, getting their books into the hands of their target audience can be a huge challenge. But with the right strategy, you can get not just one, two, or a few hundred, but literally thousands of eyeballs on your book! One such strategy is writing guest blog posts for popular blogs in your niche. 


In Part 5 of the Revive Your Book Sales series, Coach Tam lays out the benefits of guest posting and a step-by-step process for how to do just that. Guest posting on popular blogs is an incredible way for Christian authors like you to reach a wider audience than you ever could on your own. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get the word out and start changing lives!


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • 4 benefits of writing guest blog posts for popular blogs
  • 5 steps to crafting a compelling guest post
  • What to do after your guest post is accepted and published
  • Free training: 3 steps to successfully keep your book at #1 on Amazon


In Revive Your Book Sales Part 4, we discussed the value of creating buzz on social media. But while social media is undoubtedly a powerful tool for promoting your work, constantly pushing your content can seem egocentric and damage your brand. That’s where effective strategies for using social media in a meaningful way come in. So if you missed Part 4, be sure to check it out! 


Now, let’s dive into the next game-changing strategy: writing guest blog posts on popular blogs in your niche. 


Benefits of Writing Guest Blog Posts


Suppose you notice that most of your prospective readers are subscribed to a particular blog, and you write a guest post for that blog. Wouldn’t that be a fabulous way to introduce yourself and your book to that audience? Once readers discover the value you provide through your guest posts, they will start to trust you and may even buy your book. 


Here are some other benefits of writing guest blog posts on popular blogs:


  • Credibility: The publishing industry has become quite competitive, and readers want to know that the authors they are reading can provide value to them. That means credibility is everything when it comes to publishing. And if you’ve been featured in a popular blog with a well-written post, it will go a long way to building your credibility. 
  • Backlinks: When you write a guest post for a popular blog, they’re likely to link back to your website or blog page. This signals to search engines that your website is reputable and valuable. Now your website is moving up in the search rankings, which means more traffic — A.K.A. more visitors — to your page.
  • Relationships: One guest posting strategy is to reach out to other authors who have established themselves in your niche and request a guest post exchange. Then, you can provide value for their audience, and they can do the same for yours. By building relationships with other authors, you grow your network, which can result in more opportunities for you to promote your work. 
  • Relevance: By writing guest blog posts that are informative and tailored to your target audience, you can become known as an expert in your field. The key is providing valuable insights that will help your readers. This keeps you relevant to the audience and makes them want to learn more about you and your book. 


Writing guest blog posts on popular blogs is an excellent strategy for Christian authors who want to get their books in front of their target audience. Not only does it expand your reach, but it boosts your credibility, gets you valuable backlinks, helps you establish professional relationships, and keeps you relevant. 


By providing valuable insights to readers through your guest posts, you can generate interest in your book that ultimately leads to more sales. 


5 Steps to a Compelling Guest Post


Not sure where to start with writing guest blog posts? Let’s break down the process of publishing and promoting a compelling post to attract readers to your book. 


It all comes down to five simple steps. 


1. Research Popular Blogs in Your Niche. 


Before you start actually writing guest blog posts, you want to find the right blogs to target. Search for blogs that are relevant to your book’s topic and that have a large following. 


Then, make a list of those potential blogs and read their guest post guidelines carefully. This will give you an idea of what types of posts they are looking for and how to pitch your idea. Remember, your post must be aligned with the blog’s audience and add value to its readers. 


2. Craft an Irresistible Pitch. 


Once you’ve found the right blog, it’s time to pitch your idea. The pitch needs to be concise, to the point, and attention-grabbing. Start by introducing yourself and your book, and explain to the editor why your post would benefit their readers. 


Make sure to highlight your unique selling proposition and how your message is different from other authors. And don’t forget to follow up to increase your chances of getting a reply.


3. Write a Compelling Guest Post. 


Congratulations, your pitch has been accepted! Now it’s time to write a post that captivates readers and drives traffic to your book. Your post must be well-researched, informative, and entertaining. 


Start with a compelling headline that grabs the reader’s attention and entices them to read more. Structure your post with an introduction, body, and conclusion, and use subheadings to make it easier to read. Don’t forget to include a call to action at the end of your post, inviting readers to learn more about you and your book. 


4. Promote Your Guest Post. 


Now your guest post is published, and that’s great — but your work doesn’t stop there. You need to promote the post to increase visibility and drive traffic back to your website or book page. 


Share your post on social media as an additional way to add value to your followers. Engage with readers who comment on your posts, and answer any questions they may have. Remember, this is your chance to build relationships with new readers and turn them into loyal fans. 


5. Measure Your Success and Repeat. 


Don’t forget to actually see how your guest post performs! To do this, check your website analytics and find out how traffic was generated. If your post performs well, consider writing more guest posts on similar blogs. This will increase your visibility and improve your authority as an author in your niche. 


Writing guest blog posts on popular blogs is an excellent way to promote your book, build relationships with new readers, and increase your visibility. Just remember to research the right blogs, craft an irresistible pitch, write a compelling post, promote that post, and then measure your success. 


Keep writing helpful, informative content, and soon you’ll find that guest posting is a great tool in your author marketing toolkit. You’ll create a strong online presence, grow your authority, and ultimately boost your book sales. So what are you waiting for? Start reaching out to those blogs, and start writing your way to success!


3 Ingredients to Success on Amazon


Are you a Christian author seeking to make a real impact? If so, a strong marketing plan is crucial. However, it takes more than just research and dedication — it also requires a tailor-made strategy that reaches the right people with the perfect message. Once you’ve nailed that perfect marketing plan, it’s not just a tenfold increase in exposure, but a multitude of hearts that will be touched by your work. 


As an independent author, however, it can be challenging to stand out in the sea of thousands of books. But there’s an easier way to ensure that your book remains #1 on Amazon. Thanks to selfpublishing.com’s publishing strategist Nate Hambrick, you can get free training on the three ingredients to success that every author should know. With these skills in your hand, not only can you secure more sales, but you can also build a loyal reader base that looks forward to your next book. 


Picture yourself with a tribe of repeat readers who adore your work. If you want to make that happen, the time to act is now! Don’t allow your outdated marketing tactics to hinder your success — it’s time to learn the secrets of successful authorship and start gaining recognition for your craft. Access the free training here to get started mastering the skills that will make your book a bestseller today!



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