Revive Your Book Sales Part 10: The Never-Ending Circle of Book Promotion

, Revive Your Book Sales Part 10: The Never-Ending Circle of Book Promotion

Revive Your Book Sales Part 10: The Never-Ending Circle of Book Promotion


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Congratulations, you’ve made it! You’ve reached the final installment of the series, and you’ve followed all the steps for marketing your book. But don’t rest on your laurels — your work is not done. The world of book publishing is ever-changing, and technology continues to advance, and that means effective methods of book promotion and sales are changing and advancing, too. 


In Part 10 of the Revive Your Book Sales Series, Coach Tam explains the importance of staying plugged into what’s going on in the industry. As a Christian author, you need to be a continuous learner to ensure that your book stays relevant in this digital age. And that means using the most effective channels of the time to create buzz around your book and keep your readers engaged. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your work is done because you’ve written and published your book — this is just the beginning!


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • How to stay on top of new emerging marketing channels and trends
  • Tips for being a continuous learner in the world of book promotion
  • Why you’ve got to keep promoting, even if you feel uncomfortable or afraid
  • Free training on how to get your book to the #1 spot on Amazon — and keep it there


Book Promotion Isn’t Just About Selling Copies


Do you feel like you have exhausted all the relevant channels for book promotion? Think again. As time goes by, new marketing channels are always opening up. Make sure to join writing communities, network with other like-minded authors, and subscribe to author-related websites, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels so you don’t miss out. 


Here’s the thing: book promotion is not just about selling copies. It’s also a tool to help you build authority and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. 


When readers recognize you as an authority, it’s easier to gain their trust and support. And staying active on social media, your blog, and your email list is an excellent way to keep that authority alive and continually build your reputation in the industry. 


Think about the Christian authors you admire. Rest assured, they are also doing these things. 


For example:


  • Christine Caine: Sends out articles, podcast episodes, information about her new books, and more to her email list. 
  • T. D. Jakes: Constantly puts out new sermons and other content on his social media platforms, website, and YouTube so people can hear his message and connect with him.
  • Steven Furtick: Regularly puts out content, including daily motivational messages. 


These and other Christian authors understand that when they don’t stay active on social media and other platforms, it impacts their influence and causes them to miss out on opportunities for promotion. 


So it’s time for you to learn from their example — you need to continually keep your ear to the ground, show up in communities, and stay connected, so you don’t miss out. That’s how you learn what’s working when it comes to book promotion and how you keep your authority alive. 


The Never-Ending Circle


Book promotion is like a never-ending circle. Every promotional effort you make can lead to more opportunities to sell your book. 


For example, if you continuously optimize your author website, it can lead to increased traffic from search engines and, ultimately, more conversions. If you take old content you created in the past and repurpose it into something new — like a short video, infographic, or blog post — you can breathe new life into old efforts, making them more effective and longer lasting. 


You’ve got to commit to the process of continuous growth and development, especially if you are self-publishing. When you have no publisher to push your book, the burden of promoting your work falls 100% on you. So continually learning new book promotion tips and tricks will help you stay on top of your game. 


Attend industry conferences. Listen to industry podcasts. Learn new strategies that other authors are using to promote their books. You might think you’ve exhausted all avenues, but remember: things are constantly changing in the publishing world. You need to stay plugged in and on top of those changes. 


Becoming an author is an incredible accomplishment. But it’s also important to remember that the journey doesn’t end once you finish writing your book. As a matter of fact, it’s just the beginning! No matter how well-written your book is, it will not sell itself. 


Why? Because books don’t sell themselves. Authors sell books. Remember, book promotion is a never-ending circle, and you must keep it going if you want to succeed as an author. That means continuously reaching out to your audience, sharing your story, sharing ideas from your story that will connect with them and improve their lives, and yes, promoting your work. 


What If You Don’t Promote Your Message?


Book Promotion may seem daunting. It might make you uncomfortable. You might be squirming in your seat right now as you read the words “promotion” and “marketing.” But you’ve got to do it!


Think about it this way. What if Jesus didn’t spread His message? What if He decided, “You know what? This is too much for me, and I’m not going to do it”? Where would we all be if He gave the excuses we give for why we don’t do things?


Yes, Jesus is fully God, but He was also fully human. He had to go through the human experience, and that included moments of discomfort and not wanting to do what had to be done. He even asked God to let the cup pass from Him in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:39)! 


But Jesus knew that the mission He was called to was bigger than Him. He knew He had to make the decision to move forward, even though it was uncomfortable, even when He didn’t feel like it, and even when He was afraid of what He was going to feel. 


Remember, Jesus has felt every emotion that we feel. The difference, though, is that He was able to feel all of these things and still keep his mind focused on what He was called to do. The mission He was called to carry out inspired Him to keep going — and the same needs to be true of you. 


You need to be so connected to the mission and the message God has given you, and so sold out on the people He has called you to reach, that you keep your book promotion going even when fear pops up, you feel uncomfortable, and you don’t feel like doing it. 


Are You Sold Out for Your Audience & Message?


This is where the rubber meets the road. It wasn’t in you saying “yes” to writing the book — that was just the beginning. Now it’s time to see how sold out you are on your audience and on making a difference for them. 


If you are sold out for your audience, then you’ve got to keep going with your book promotion. You’ve got to tell yourself that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Sales won’t skyrocket overnight — it takes consistent effort to build an audience. 


Stay patient with your book promotion, and eventually you will see positive results. It’s all about commitment. 


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