Revive Your Book Sales Part 1: Faith & Action

, Revive Your Book Sales Part 1: Faith & Action

Revive Your Book Sales Part 1: Faith & Action


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Are you tired of waiting for God to make your author dreams come true? Do you feel like giving up because you just aren’t seeing the results you know your book deserves? If so, you’re not alone. But don’t give up just yet — you CAN see big results and change lives with your God-given message. The key is to combine faith and action and take responsibility for some of your own success.


In Part 1 of the Revive Your Book Sales series, Coach Tam addresses the limiting belief that God will just make us successful without us having to put in any work. Yes, having faith in God to do the impossible is important, but so is taking action in conjunction with our faith so we can reach our full potential. Ready to find out exactly how to do that? Don’t miss this episode!


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • The problem with waiting and wondering why God isn’t making our dreams come true
  • Why it’s so tempting to embrace such limiting beliefs
  • Biblical examples of faith and action working hand-in-hand
  • 3 deliberate steps you can take to help your book reach its full potential
  • FREE training on how to keep your book at #1 on Amazon and attract new readers every day


Releasing Limiting Beliefs


“Why would God give me this amazing gift, burden me with the desire to write, and inspire so many ideas, if He didn’t want me to use this all for His glory?” That was the question posed by a faithful member of the Christian Authors Network community who was on the verge of giving up. They were tired from years of fighting for their book to be noticed, and they’re not alone. There are hundreds of Christian authors who also feel this way!


But there’s a big problem with this line of thinking. It’s like saying, “Well, if God wants this book to be successful, why isn’t He making it happen?” No, you may never actually say those words to God, but are you saying that with your actions — or inactions? 


This line of thinking suggests that success solely depends on divine intervention. In other words, it’s all on God, and we don’t have a part in making the gifts and the talents He’s given us have an impact. All too often, believing that God’s will should manifest in the form of effortless success is a huge hindrance to reaching our full potential. So if we are going to get our message out there, we have to release this limiting belief once and for all. 


Taking Responsibility for Your Success


Before we get to the what and the how, let’s talk about why. Why do we embrace this line of thinking? 


For many, it’s simply because this limiting belief allows us to abdicate responsibility for our own actions and outcomes. This dream of reaching the world with our God-given message is not easy. So in order to be successful, you’ll have to put in the work, learn new things, release old ways of thinking, and literally transform into a different person. 


After all, if what you currently have and what you’re currently doing was enough, you would already be getting the results you’re looking for. Being successful will require a push. But pushing is uncomfortable, and most of us want to hold on to our comfort. It’s comforting to think that everything is already predestined, and we don’t have a part in the process, isn’t it?


But the reality is this. We have an opportunity to hone our craft and learn from our failures. And while God does have a plan for each and every one of us, He also gives every one of us free will and expects us to take action to reach our goals. 


Think about it: the Bible is full of examples of people who had to use their own talents and strengths combined with faith for God’s plan to come true for them


Look at Joseph. His hard work ensured he rose from being a slave in Egypt to becoming Pharaoh’s right hand man so he could save his people from famine. Yes, God certainly was at work in his life. But don’t miss the fact that Joseph was at work too. 


Then there’s Moses. He spoke confidently before Pharaoh after receiving strength from God, even though he had been an outcast since childhood and had a big stuttering problem. Don’t think that it wasn’t uncomfortable for Moses to step into this position! But he did it. 


Both Joseph and Moses had to push past discomfort and use their unique gifts and talents along with their faith in order for God’s plan for them — and ultimately, God’s plan for God’s people — to come true. It’s hard work combined with faith that creates extraordinary results. 


3 Deliberate Steps to Help Your Book Reach Its Potential


As Christian authors, we often cling to the belief that if our book is meant to be successful, God will make it happen. But this limiting belief ignores the fact that all great stories need both a divine and a human touch


If you want your book to reach its full potential in the marketplace, you need to take deliberate steps yourself. Here’s how to do it. 


1. Take Responsibility for Your Success.


You need to understand that you are an active participant in the process of bringing your book into the world. You can’t just sit back and wait for God to make it happen — you must partner with Him actively to create success. 


This means writing great content, creating a marketing plan, putting together launch teams, and getting feedback from trusted readers. And yes, it may mean investing more time and energy than you already have. These are all essential steps in ensuring that your book reaches its full potential. 


2. Be Flexible with Your Plans.


While God will — and does! — order your steps, success is rarely a straight line. It’s often an iterative process where you learn, grow, and create as you go. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies or tweak existing ones based on the feedback or results you get. 


Every failed attempt brings new wisdom and understanding about how best to promote yourself and your book. So keep an open mind, and be willing to adjust your course as necessary. 


This flexibility helps ensure you remain agile enough to keep up with shifting trends and demands from readers. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. So don’t be afraid of what feels like failure. Instead, embrace it as a learning opportunity. 


3. Seek Professional Help. 


It’s okay that you don’t know all the ins and outs of marketing books online. But there are people who do, and it’s wise to reach out to them. 


If done correctly, your partnership will not only increase your visibility, but also save you time that you can use to focus on creating great content for readers or writing another book. Seeking professional help doesn’t mean having less faith. It means taking action and trusting God along the way as he guides you towards success. 


Combining Faith & Action: FREE Training


Here’s the bottom line: getting your book out there requires a combination of divine intervention and human effort. And this is the case for all books! So don’t believe the thought that it’s easier for someone else. 


We all have to go through this journey, and we can’t allow these limiting beliefs to hold us back any longer. Take responsibility for your book’s success by taking ownership of both the creative and the promotion process. It takes two — faith AND action — to make this happen. So don’t just sit there wishing! Get up, and go make your God-given dreams a reality. 


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