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Publishing Secrets Podcast

Have you considered becoming a published Christian author? Publishing is the best way to build authority and become the “go-to” expert in your field. It’s also one of the fastest ways to get clients and grow ministries consistently. In this podcast, Tamara “Coach Tam” Jackson will bring you behind-the-scenes insights and interviews with mission-driven entrepreneurs and ministry leaders that have published books to increase their exposure, impact, and income.

You’ll learn about how these authors came up with their book concept and expanded their following through podcasting and speaking engagements – without resorting to fake, salesy, sleazy, or manipulative tactics. We’ll also explore the trials and tribulations that they had to overcome along the way. Each episode will leave you empowered, equipped, and excited to publish your book, build your tribe, and make your mark for Christ. Get ready because we’re going deep on publishing secrets!

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The Why Behind the Show

My name is Tamara Jackson but my clients affectionately call me “Coach Tam.” I am a published author, Facebook© Certified Digital Marketer, host of the Top 100 Publishing Secrets podcast, and founder of The Christian Authors Network (C.A.N.) Facebook© community. I am also the CEO of a mission-oriented company, the 265 Point Christian Authors Network, that helps current and aspiring Christian authors get their God-given message out and to the masses.

Interestingly enough, much of the success that God has allowed me to enjoy is founded upon a book that I wrote in 2013, 265 Point. In the book, I share how I transformed from being a 265 lb. junk food addict to a 155 lb. fitness fanatic appearing on the demonstration floor of the Dr. Oz Television show. It’s part biography, part self-help. I wanted to do my part to end the trend of obesity in America and help others lose weight and keep it off.

I would love to say that my book was immediately a smashing success. I can’t. It took me YEARS to figure out how to really connect with my audience and get the message out.

Now, I specialize in helping mission-driven authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs leverage strategic self-publishing and digital media appearances to get the word out, grow their audience, and increase sales. It’s all about creating a brand and message that clicks with your ideal audience and feels authentic and true to the best version of you.