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If you want to write an inspiring book but struggle to get started or stay focused, you are going to love this podcast! In it, Tamara “Coach Tam” Jackson will bring you behind-the-scenes insights and interviews with mission-driven authors and writers who were once paralyzed by fear. You’ll hear how each found the strength through faith to push forward and publish their book. We’ll talk about how they faced their insecurities and summoned the courage to write. We’ll also explore the trials and tribulations that they had to overcome along the way.

Each episode will leave you empowered, equipped, and excited to write, write, write! Before you know it, your book will be published and you’ll be well on your way to launching a career as a motivational speaker, teacher, and coach like you’ve always wanted. Tune in to Publishing Secrets and finally get moving in the direction of your dreams!

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The Why Behind the Show

My name is Tamara Jackson but my clients affectionately call me “Coach Tam.” I am an author, speaker, transformation coach, and 12+-year, 100 lb. weight loss success story. I am also the CEO of a mission-oriented gym and wellness center in the Charlotte, NC area called 265 Point Total Fitness.

Interestingly enough, much of the success that God has allowed me to enjoy is founded upon a book that I wrote in 2013, 265 Point. In the book, I share how I transformed from being a 265 lb. junk food addict to a 155 lb. fitness fanatic appearing on the demonstration floor of the Dr. Oz Television show. It’s part biography, part self-help. I wanted to do my part to end the trend of obesity in America and help others lose weight and keep it off.

I would love to say that I answered the call to write immediately. I didn’t. It took me YEARS to put pen to paper and publish my book.

I had all kinds of “reasons” for putting it off but the truth was that I secretly battled anxiety about “putting myself out there.” What if what I write isn’t good enough? What if I am not good enough? 

I finally realized that my fear of failure was paralyzing me and robbing others of the breakthrough that they needed and wrote the book.

Now, as an aspiring author coach my mission is to ensure that others don’t repeat my mistake.  Tune in to Publishing Secrets and finally get moving in the direction of your dreams!

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