Published and Paid #1: The First Step to Make More Money as a Christian Author

, Published and Paid #1: The First Step to Make More Money as a Christian Author

Published and Paid #1: The First Step to Make More Money as a Christian Author


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Do you ever feel discouraged by all the competition in the Christian book market? Have you resigned yourself to the idea that being a writer is only good for a little extra cash and not a viable way to make a living?


This is a common fear, and it has proven true for many aspiring authors, but it doesn’t have to be true for you. In Part 1 of the Published and Paid series, Coach Tam lays out the very first thing you need to do to make more money as an author – and it’s not at all what you might think. Start with this first step, and you’ll set yourself on the path to make your income and impact dreams become reality.


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • The very first thing you need to do so you can make more money with your book
  • The difference between being committed to the journey and being committed to the destination
  • How to follow Christ’s example to push through adversity and discouragement
  • How to outlast the rest of your competition
  • Reflection questions to help you take action 


The publishing landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. With the rise of e-books and self publishing, it’s easier than ever for writers to get their work out there. But there’s also a ton of competition, so it can be tough to stand out in the crowd. 


And if you’re a Christian writer or author, you may feel like the odds are even further stacked against you. After all, the Christian market is relatively small, and you may think that selling just a few hundred copies of your book is the best you can hope for. 


But it doesn’t have to be that way! These days, it is possible to make a good living as a writer – even if you’re only selling a few hundred copies of your book. 


Ready to learn how?


Step #1 to Make More Money as an Author


Before we get into the different paths you can take to earn money through writing, or the four-word phrase that can increase your income in one day, let’s talk about the very first step you need to take to make more money with your book. 


Now, you might be thinking that the first thing you need is one or more of the following:


  • An interesting and unique plot
  • Well-developed characters 
  • A compelling story arc
  • A captivating cover design
  • Compelling book descriptions
  • Engaging social media posts


Make no mistake, all of those things are important and high priorities. But there’s still one thing that has to come first. 


The first step to make more money as an author is to make the decision to be here 10 years from now. 


In other words, if you want to make more money as an author, the first thing you have to do is remove the option of quitting when you are tired or frustrated. You’ve got to be 100% committed to the journey. 


Process Before Promise


If you’re reading this, there’s about a 99.9% chance you’re already committed to the destination. You have a solid vision of the impact you want to make, the number of books you want to sell, and the moves you want to make for Christ. You might even have visions of how much money you want to earn, where you want to live when you make it big, the dream car you want to drive, or the places you want to travel to. 


But all of those things are destination trophies, and here’s the thing: we don’t just get to pop up at our destination. There is always process before promise. In other words, there’s always a journey to get to our ultimate destination. So it’s not enough to simply have a destination in mind – you need to be fully invested in the journey itself.


This means being willing to put in the hard work day after day, even when it feels like you’re not making any progress. 


That said, you have a right to feel frustrated when things don’t go as you planned. It is truly disheartening to write blog after blog, to submit post after post, to send email after email, to publish episode after episode and not see the results you’re looking for. 


But the right to feel something and the right to stop doing something are totally different. As a Christian writer or author, you can’t just quit. This isn’t optional. You are called to write and share your stories with the world. And while you are going through this process, while you are on this journey, God is molding and shaping you into the person He created you to be.


Give Up or Rise Up? You Decide.


Remember: you are already amazing, but you’re not perfect. And God is more concerned with our character than our comfort. The good news? Everything that we go through in this life God uses, so nothing is wasted. That means even the frustration that you’re feeling with your author career right now, God is using it. He’s working it in your life to conform you into the image of His Son. 


After all, Christ Himself endured great suffering during his time on earth. And yet, through His example, He showed us that it is possible to find strength in adversity. As Christian authors, we are called to follow His example and use our own trials and tribulations as opportunities for growth. 


We all have two choices: We can choose to give up, or we can choose to rise up. When we face setbacks, we can either let them defeat us, or we can use them as fuel for our journey. By embracing the challenges that life throws our way, we can become more compassionate, more courageous, and – most importantly – more Christlike. 


As James 1:4 reminds us, “let endurance have its perfect effect, so that you will be perfect and complete, not deficient in anything.” 


Are You Committed?


Do you know what else happens when you stick it out through thick and thin? You separate yourself from the wannabe crowd. Nowadays, anyone can publish a book. But not everyone is going to make more money – or get paid at all – because not everyone is committed. 


Are you committed? Will you be here 10 years from now? How committed are you to your craft, your message, and the audience that God has called you to? 


Real talk: very few people think about books and business from this perspective. We get way too focused on the now, and why something isn’t happening today, rather than focusing on the massive impact we can have with God’s help in 10 years. 


As a Christian writer or author, you are called to a higher standard. You are called to be committed to your craft, even when it feels like everything is against you. So are you willing to put in the hard work required to be successful? Are you willing to stay committed for the long haul? 


Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of consistent effort to achieve greatness. But if you’re willing to stick it out 10 years from now, you will be light years ahead of where you are today. And you’ll likely be way beyond many of the people who are currently in your path, because most people quit. 


If you stick it out when others don’t, you will establish yourself as the authority in your field, and people will be coming to you for advice and guidance. 


So it’s time to decide: are you willing to do the hard work that other people won’t do?


Your Assignment: Who Do You Need To Be?


You can make more money and earn a living as an author, but only if you commit to putting in the work. So here’s your homework for Step #1: break out a new page in your journal, and let your thoughts on the following two questions pour out on the page: 


  1. What type of impact, influence, and income do I want to have 10 years from now?
  2. What type of person do I need to be to get there?


That second question needs to be where you spend the majority of your time reflecting and writing. Chances are, you already know what results you want. But what you do in the in-between – that is, the type of person you choose to become over the next ten years – will determine the results you actually get. 


And if you’re not quite sure where you want to be in 10 years, that’s okay. The important thing is to start thinking about it now, and to begin taking steps in the right direction. 


These two powerful questions will help you focus your attention and guide your actions, so take some time to really think about them and write down your answers. Then keep those answers close to your heart as you continue to work toward your goals. 


With God on your side, a clear vision, and strong determination, there is no limit to what you can achieve.



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