The Publish & Profit Mastermind

The Publish & Profit Mastermind

The Publish & Profit Mastermind

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Launching Your Coaching Program

Once you’ve published your book, how about taking that influence to the next level by turning it into a coaching program? You already know you have an important message to share, and you’ve already started putting that message out into the world. But there’s only so much that you can say in one book, or even several.

You have a gift that can be a blessing in other people’s lives. Working with someone directly, one-on-one, puts you in a unique position to help – and watch – them grow.

And at the same time, you’ll be growing yourself. Instead of becoming stagnant, you can take the next step into a career that will enable you to have a much deeper influence.

If you’re serious about inspiring life-changing transformation while earning a six-figure plus income, The Purpose & Profit Mastermind is for you. It picks up where The Launchpad leaves off and helps you create a social media platform, build a tribe of followers, publish your podcast, and develop your signature coaching program.

Combined with The Launchpad, it’s an 18-month investment that allows you to use your story and expertise to have a positive influence on others’ lives while honoring God in your business practices.

It all begins with the 5-Day Write, Publish, & Profit Workshop. Join the wait list here.

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