Losing One’s Soul – Meynabeck Espinol

, Losing One’s Soul – Meynabeck Espinol

Losing One’s Soul – Meynabeck Espinol

Mark 8:36 KJV
For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Recently, I have wondered so much about the deeper truth in this verse. The common scenario that comes to my mind was someone who is probably a rich businessman coming home to his family stressed out. Due to his busyness every single day, he ended up neglecting his relationship with his wife and children. Although, they can afford everything to their hearts’ content they were still unhappy.

, Losing One’s Soul – Meynabeck Espinol

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Such a picture was what was often painted for me when I was a child. If you heard the same description taught in your church, it isn’t exactly a picture of someone who gained the whole world, is it? He is a loser by all means. He did not only lose his own soul but he lost his family as well and probably, he is losing his health as well, physically and mentally. If he does not even have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ in that he has not repented of his sins, humbled himself before God, and admitted his need of a Savior who is the Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross to pay for our sins, then, “he is of all men most miserable.” (I Cor. 15:19)

As I grow old and got passionate about financial freedom and financial literacy (but really from a Christian standpoint, it is nothing but financial stewardship.) I started to admire many of the mentors and successful people who testified of having achieved financial freedom brought about by being financially literate. As I observed, they are indeed a picture of someone who gained the whole world. They not only have the financial freedom that they can hire someone to do jobs that they do not like to do at all or tasks they’d rather not do because there are more important things for them to do, like spending a vacation with their family.

, Losing One’s Soul – Meynabeck Espinol

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More importantly, they have time freedom. Instead of working, they can choose to use that time to grow their relationships with their wife and children, and things that matter to them even charity work. To add to that, I view many of these mentors as more hardworking, more disciplined, and someone who practiced better habits and is a better steward of their time than most Christians I know. Their testimonies were similar to newly converted Christians in that through personal development/growth they were able to transform from being an addict, depressed, suicidal, or violent individual into a successful and purpose-filled person and gained back the family, health, or time they have lost or at least they have created a new successful relationship. For a Christian like me, it poses the question, what is not to love about their lifestyle except maybe if they do not have a clear profession that they have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior? But if he has gained Christ and has all the other things as well, would there be any hesitation to any of us to follow after their path? Maybe, primarily because many Christians have the idea that being financially or materially blessed is not part of God’s will for His children. It usually comes from the idea that if one gains the whole world, he is bound to lose his soul. *(I Tim. 6:9-11) *See my previous blog post regarding having a deeper understanding of this Scripture reference here: Freeing Love–Refreshing Truths in I Timothy 6

Yet, in a sense, aren’t we losing our soul when other than having Jesus our Savior, it seems that we are trapped into just waking up to prepare for work, work hard, get the paycheck, pay the bills and repeat? When we could be part of something bigger–a greater meaning or purpose for living? Maybe of furthering the gospel not just to the four corners of our homes, workplace, or community? That we could be more and do something that can impact the lives of those around us, not just within our community, but with technology even to the uttermost parts of the world? Maybe you feel that you are not called to be a full-time pastor, missionary, or church worker, but you know you are called to be or do something else, a full-time ministry unique to the gifts that God has given you. However, you dare not step forward because of all these fears that envelop your soul. Maybe like me, you are being called into marketplace ministry, to become a kingdompreneur or heaventrepreneur whatever you want to call it. I am here to tell you. Go for it! Profit more than you think is possible for yourself and use it for the honor and glory of God. You may do so, for, after all, God blesses His obedient children so he may become a channel of blessing to others. Such huge profits can be used for the furtherance of the gospel and the kingdom of God. You can choose both… gain the whole world and gain your soul.


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Mey H. Espinol is the author of Riches for God, the first book of the series on Biblical Financial Stewardship. She is a hands-on mom to her five children and happily married for more than fifteen years. She and her family serve at a local Christian church in Gubat, Sorsogon, Philippines.

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