Making Money Writing Short Books: An Interview with John Stange

, Making Money Writing Short Books: An Interview with John Stange

Making Money Writing Short Books: An Interview with John Stange

Have you ever considered writing short books as a way of making money? If not, now is the time to start! In this interview, Christian Authors Network Partner John Stange explains how you can write short books that are under 100 pages, grow your author platform quickly, and make money. John has been in the publishing industry for over two decades and is currently the Founder of Platform Launchers – an organization dedicated to helping content creators launch, grow and develop their online platforms. He recently sat down with the Christian Authors Network to discuss his experience with writing short books for profit. So let’s dive in!


When asked why someone should consider writing short books instead of a full-length novel or non-fiction book, John had this to say: “Short books are the perfect way for authors to gain exposure and build a platform quickly without having to commit too much time or resources into it. The main advantage of writing shorter works is that they require less research than longer works do; which means authors can write multiple titles in a relatively short period of time.”


John also noted that readers enjoy shorter books because they provide valuable information without taking up too much of their attention span or free time. Furthermore, readers who enjoy one short book by an author are likely to read more from them if they like what they read! It’s all about creating content that engages people so that they’ll come back for more information from you again and again!


So why not check out this quick interview with John and learn more about how you can make money writing short books?


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