Living Life Expecting the Impossible by Jennifer Rosario de Casiano

, Living Life Expecting the Impossible by Jennifer Rosario de Casiano

Living Life Expecting the Impossible by Jennifer Rosario de Casiano

The word “impossible” belongs to a family of other dead end, lifeless

words such as never, unimaginable, unattainable and hopeless, to

name a few. If you consciously read these words aloud to yourself or

even quietly you should be able to feel the negativity attached to them

and the dark emotions that these words begin to stir up within you. As

Christ followers, we know that these emotions are whispers that attempt

to seep into our spirits and that they do not come from The Lord but

rather from the enemy. “God is not the God of the dead but of the

living” (Matthew 22:32).


When faced with words or situations in life that relate to anything as

being an impossibility, we must remember to dress ourselves in the

armor of god and face those battles of fear, uncertainty and doubt with

the protection of The Lord. The lord has equipped us as His soldiers

with an armor that protects our bodies, minds and spirits. Block those

fears of impossibilities with the belt of truth around your waist which

tells us His truth in Luke 1:37 that “with God nothing will be

impossible”. He is the God of the impossible.


Protect your heart with the breast plate of righteousness that will guard

you from evil attacks and deception. Stand firm in the shoes of

readiness that will give you balance and protect you when crossing

those rough terrains. These shoes are the shoes of peace that God has

planted us in. We will walk in the peace of God that surpasses all

understanding. Raise up your shield of faith “with which you can

extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil

one” (Ephesians 6:16).


Put on your helmet of salvation which protects your mind, eyes and

ears which can each act as portals for the enemy to enter into and attack

our spirits through. A soldier without a helmet may as well have no

armor on at all, for without protecting our most vulnerable assets, we

will not win the battle against the dark forces of the evil one. The mind

is the primary control center for the rest of our bodies and spirit. Change

from within and strength must begin with the mind and soul having a

healthy connection and firm stance in The Lord, our God.


Lastly, when any one tells you that anything is impossible, swing that

sword of the spirit, which is the word of God and declare to them that

you are “Expecting the Impossible” because God is the God of miracles,

the God of the impossible, the God who has healed the blind (Mark

8:22-2), has raised the dead on multiple accounts, and is the feeder of

the multitudes (Matthew 14:19-20, 15:36-37). He is the almighty

overcomer of what seems impossible and tells us to stand in faith and

expect the impossible from Him.


Below are just a few of my personal experiences with overcoming the

impossible with God by my side:


At the age of two I survived a ruptured appendix. For two weeks I had

lived with that ruptured appendix. Finally, the doctors had made the

discovery and found an inexplicable, never-seen-before, thick wall of

tissue formed around my appendix trapping the poison that should have

spread throughout my body and killed me. I was labeled the miracle

child in that hospital for the next 10 years of my life.


At 8 years old, I developed chronic asthma and extremely

poor vision, very suddenly. I spent 20 years in and out of the hospitals

struggling to breathe every day. Asthma nearly took my life on many

occasions. Today I’m living with hardly any asthma symptoms due the

wonderfully made natural herbal remedies that I discovered in my late

twenties, which completely changed my quality of life. While I still

struggle with my vision, I’m able to wear corrective lenses and now

contacts as well. I still have hope for further healing of my eyes.


At the age of 14 I nearly lost my life to Lyme Disease. As a freshman in

high school, I was entering stage 4 of Lyme and all of my family and

friends bid me farewell on my death bed. The doctors said there was

nothing more they could do for me and sent me home to die in peace.

Through lots of prayer another miracle occurred. During one of the last

farewell visits I received, a Catholic woman of faith who had been

praying for me along with my mother, brought me a Caribbean home

remedy tea and within minutes, I could miraculously speak, sit up,

breathe and begin to slowly walk again. The hand of God was on me

and those believers that day.


In my 30th birthday celebration photos you will find me in a

wheelchair. I suffered a car accident which left me with spinal injuries

that prevented me from walking. The doctors had told me that if I did

not resume walking within 6 months, I would likely never walk again. I

did not believe that it would be impossible for me to walk again. I

believed that the impossible was possible with God. It was a two-and-a-half-year

journey of praying, rolling in faith, seeking treatments and

finally learning how to walk again.


I am living and walking proof that both you and I can expect the

impossible. Ultimately, you will find what you seek and will manifest

what you think and believe in, whether it’s positive or negative.

Therefore, if you stand in faith and create a mental paradigm shift,

changing your perspective on the word ‘impossible’ can cause you to

change the meaning and outcome of the word from something

unachievable to the contrary, absolutely obtainable. Through a focus on

faith, dependence on God’s word and a change of perspective,

“Impossible” becomes “I’m Possible”.


About the Author…

, Living Life Expecting the Impossible by Jennifer Rosario de Casiano

JENNY ROSARIO de CASIANO is an actor, spokesperson, author, and philanthropist living in Florida with her husband. Jenny wrote her children’s book, “Sunny Days with Mommy & Me”, based on her own experience as a single mother to her son, Marcos. She has significantly fond memories of their time together living with their dog, Harley, when Marcos was between four and six years old. Marcos now at-tends Yale University while Jenny writes children’s books, continues to work as an actor, and enjoys taking part in missionary work around the world. Visit Jenny’s website here. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.


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