Interview with Kate Hyland: God-Confidence Art Contest Winner

, Interview with Kate Hyland: God-Confidence Art Contest Winner

Interview with Kate Hyland: God-Confidence Art Contest Winner

Kate Hyland was the winner of the September 2021 God-Confidence Art Contest! View her winning artwork below, and be sure to check out all of the art contest entries here

, Interview with Kate Hyland: God-Confidence Art Contest Winner


Tell us about your submission for the God-Confidence Art Contest! What inspired you, and what else would you like to share about God-confidence?

I created this oil painting during a very special time in my life. It shows the seasons during my breast cancer journey. From Fall, through Summer, into Spring, while keeping my full God-Confidence in His light and His cross as my main focus. A true depiction of sustaining God’s light in dark times. I’d like to share that trusting in God during your greatest trials and rescue isn’t about the strength or the confidence we put into earthly things. It’s about trusting that you can depend on God’s promises and strength to handle the things in your life.


Tell us about your journey to becoming a Christian author.

I assure you my journey to becoming an author, let alone a Christian author, wasn’t in my original plan. It took profound spiritual experiences within a 23-year timeline and the death of my father for my book to come to fruition. It was only then I knew I was working for God. When we are close to God, we have the confidence to share our lives, give generously, and sacrifice to help others.


How did you know God was calling you to get into writing?

I’d describe it as the God-confidence calling. I trusted in God’s messages that I survived cancer for a reason. I was feeling blessed and wanting to give back. It opened the window of opportunity to change lives by telling my story and to find the “lost lamb.” Author friends reassured me I was the best person to tell my story. They said, “There’s editing help — it’s more important to get your story written down.” My inner voice told me, God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.


What has been your biggest hurdle as an author?

My biggest hurdle was to open up and be vulnerable to be able to tell my non-fiction story to the world.


What kind of community do you have around you as an author? How has this community made a difference in your author journey?

I have an encouraging and supportive inner circle consisting of family, friends, fellow authors and readers. Since publication, my community circle has been growing among writer fellowship groups, genre groups, local Christian outlets, and new author acquaintances. Community support keeps the passion alive and contagious!


If you could snap your fingers and change anything about your process, goals, etc. what would you change?

I wouldn’t change anything throughout my process, other than to increase the acceleration rate in exposure. Expanding my social media ability would allow the book’s proceeds to quickly source charities, as stated in my book. Most important to me has always been wanting to place my stories in the hands that need it most. Other books may come close, but my words, for some, will be the exact words they need to hear.


If you could tell an aspiring author anything, what would it be?

Believe in yourself. Listen to your inner voice. Stay passionate!


What project are you working on now?

I’m currently working on a creative writing-photo blog that uniquely combines both my writing and photography. Being an accomplished photographer, I’m excited to be able to merge these elements together to bring you closer to my true stories. I’ve also been working on my author website, 23Years23Minutes13Angels.com, which I welcome everyone to check out!


What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Christian Authors Network on Facebook?

What I enjoy the most about being a member of the Christian Authors Network on Facebook is the informative messages, motivational videos, tips and challenges given by Coach Tamara Jackson. It encourages and inspires me to grow towards my goal while sharing the blessings in my author journey.


Meet Kate

, Interview with Kate Hyland: God-Confidence Art Contest Winner

Kate Hyland is the Author of 23 Years, 23 Minutes, 13 Angels. She confidently reinforces the importance of maintaining a God-Confidence each and every day of life. Her strong attitude of faith proved to help her physically and mentally during her battle with Breast Cancer in 2009-2010.  

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