Introducing the Do It Now Series!

, Introducing the Do It Now Series!

Introducing the Do It Now Series!


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Do you ever feel like you have a lot of ideas for your next book, but never seem to get around to writing them down? If so, know that you are not alone. So many people out there want to write a book, but never seem to take that first step. As the saying goes, “procrastination is the thief of time.” 


But what if there were a way for you to finally write your next book, to cross this goal off your to-do list? Good news — there is! And that’s what the Do It Now series is all about. In this new series, you’ll get the insider secrets you need to get your book done in weeks, not months or years. Don’t put it off any longer — it’s time to get that book done!


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • Why you shouldn’t put off finishing your book any longer
  • Common excuses writers give for not working on their book — and why they shouldn’t stop you
  • A sneak peek at what to expect from the Do It Now series


Don’t Let Excuses Stop You


In the Do It Now series, you’ll learn how you can work on your book at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home — even if you don’t think you have enough time, you aren’t a professional writer, and you’re not really even sure what to write about. Consider this your challenge to get it done now, with God’s help. 


Can you imagine how it will feel to finally have that next book behind you and know that you are impacting hundreds, if not thousands, of people with your message? It is possible. And in this new series, you’ll learn how. You’ll get the jumpstart you need to finally cross this goal of publishing your next book off of your to-do list. You’ll be inspired to do it now — not later.


Stop Talking & Start Doing


The Do It Now series will cover everything you need to know, including: 


  • How to get focused and stay on track so you can write your book in record time
  • Tips for overcoming the dreaded writer’s block
  • How to get motivated when you don’t feel like writing
  • The steps you need to take to finally finish your book
  • How to get over the fear of putting your work out there


And that’s only scratching the surface of everything this series has to offer. So friend, if you are ready to stop talking about it and being about it — if you’re ready to finally get the book done — this is the podcast series for you. 


Join us on this powerful journey that will help motivate and encourage you every step of the way. You won’t find anything else out there quite like this! 


Success is inevitable when you have the right tools, techniques, and support. So join us here next week for Do It Now and this time, you’re going to get it done.



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