How Done-for-You Podcast Pitching Services Help You Spread Your God-Given Message: Part 5 of 5

, How Done-for-You Podcast Pitching Services Help You Spread Your God-Given Message: Part 5 of 5

How Done-for-You Podcast Pitching Services Help You Spread Your God-Given Message: Part 5 of 5

We’ve been talking a lot about getting booked on podcasts to promote your book, podcast, ministry, or business. But what comes next after you get booked and record the interview?


Let’s say you go on someone’s podcast and talk about your business and the services you offer. Then someone listens to that episode and wants to learn more about how you can help them. What are they going to do? They’re going to head right over to your website or social media pages, of course! But what are they going to find there? 


Getting people to visit your website and social media is your chance to take the warm leads generated by your podcast appearances and convert them into followers, clients, or customers. So it’s very important that every part of your online presence is professional and represents your brand well.


And guess what? Done-for-you podcast pitching services can help with this side of marketing, too! If you missed the previous posts about this, you can catch up here.


Here’s benefit #5: You can get 1-on-1 help with marketing — beyond just podcast pitching. 


Whether you’re a podcaster, author, business owner, ministry leader, or some combination of them all, your online presence is an important part of building your overall brand. When people search for information about you and what you do, you want them to not only be able to find that information, but also to take action on it by buying your book, joining your email list, subscribing to your podcast, or something similar. 


Sure, a few people may hear you speaking on someone else’s podcast, realize they need what you’re offering, and take action right then and there. But most people will need a little more convincing from your website or social media before they make that purchase or subscribe to that list. 


If you’re not sure how strong your online presence is, why not start with a little self-audit? Sit down and click through your website and any social media profiles or pages that are associated with your brand. As you do, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Does it look professional? Have you used professional-looking headshots, or selfies? Do your website and social media content look cohesive and organized, or do they look like they’ve been hastily thrown together? Is your text error-free, or full of typos?
  • Is the important information easy to find? Imagine you’re a first-time visitor to this website and/or social media page. What would you need to know about this person before deciding to buy from them or work with them? Is it easy to find that information, or do you have to hunt through the whole website to find it?
  • Are your mission and values clearly communicated? When someone visits your website or social media, will they get a clear sense of who you are, what you stand for, and what you have to offer? Is your messaging consistent across platforms, or do some pages seem to contradict others?
  • Are you speaking directly to your target audience? Does your website and social media content address your audience’s pain points and questions, or does it mostly talk about you? Is it clear what kind of people you serve and how you help them, or will visitors be confused about whether you have the answers they’re looking for?


Once you’ve evaluated your online presence on your own, you might want to ask someone else to look over it as a second pair of eyes. If you do, be sure to ask someone you trust to give you honest feedback without sugarcoating. 


If you really want to optimize your website and social media presence, however, the best thing you can do is hire marketing professionals to give you 1-on-1 guidance and craft compelling marketing materials for you. This will not only help you avoid embarrassing mistakes, but also take your authority, credibility, and exposure to the next level.


You can get all of this in the Podcast Power! Program, in addition to done-for-you podcast pitching services. That means you’ll be able to get booked on targeted podcasts, speak directly to your ideal audience, and convert those leads into followers, customers, or clients. Ready to get started? Contact us today!


Tam Jackson is a published author, marketer, podcast host, and founder of The Christian Authors Network (C.A.N.) Facebook© community. Tam connects Christian authors & entrepreneurs with their ideal online audience to grow impact & income fast without fake, salesy, sleazy, or manipulative tactics.