Hope During the Holidays – Tamra T. Bush

Hope During the Holidays – Tamra T. Bush

Hope During the Holidays – Tamra T. Bush

When you think of Hope, what comes to mind? Can you see hope in the eyes or actions of another? Does hope appear when your accomplishments allow you to receive the self-gratification and fuel you need to keep striving towards the bigger picture? Can you smell hope when you walk outside, and take a breath of fresh air on a clear autumn day? Of course, everyone has their own definition of hope and what it means to them. So I asked this question because I realized that during this time of year, there is a lot of hopelessness. I wanted to explore the hearts and minds of the people I know to answer this question.

A very close friend of mine said that “hope is the promise that the darkness won’t last forever. It means that the Sun will rise and shine its light on you. Hope means that I am able to transform myself because I know that all that is for me is and will be, no matter the struggles I may be facing.”

Her response caused me to think. I agree that hope is a promise we hold in our hearts that we believe someday will come to pass. But many of us have prayed and waited a long time, because although we have hope, we lack movement. God knows his children have hopes and dreams; this is why He took us out of eternity and placed us into time to allow us to be fruitful through our works, restore what is lost, and heal our wounds. However, sometimes during our time of waiting, we fall deep into despair, leaving us unprepared for the day our promise arrives. We forget that everything in our life is for a reason and has a season. Hopelessness can cause us to make permanent decisions in a temporary situation. When we do this, aren’t we actually deferring the thing hoped for?

The second definition of hope as written in the dictionary is a “feeling of Trust.” Trust is to have a “firm belief” in something. During the holiday season, it is important to remind others to trust HIS process. But also trust that God has gifted us with the tools, and resources we need to bring forth the thing we are hoping for. Truly, we all know that it will not just fall into our lap. Hope requires work. So, I ask you, are you extending your voice during this holiday season to remind someone that all they need and desire lies within them? It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of our own life and take the stance that if other people’s issues don’t affect us directly, we shouldn’t get involved. But we should. We should strive to be the change that we want to see in people.

I often stop and ask myself, “Why do I keep going?” What motivates me to trust in the things I believe in? I realized that I am motivated by the hope that lies in the hearts of my family and the people I have been called to serve. Another friend of mind said that “Hope is like air! It connects to Faith. Hope lets you know that all things are possible and that even the bad has its purpose for the Good!”

I wholeheartedly believe that to be true. So, during this holiday season, let us spread the word of hope because it truly matters when we are able to lift someone up to help regain their Faith.


Meet Tamra

Tamra T. Bush is a woman of God, wife, and mother who takes great pride in being an instrument of change for others. Her deep knowledge and over two decades of experience in the financial industry have made her an invaluable asset to families that want a better life. She’s passionate about empowering families so they can have the economic foundation necessary to look towards their future with confidence and build legacy. Tamra understands that this isn’t just a matter of money, but also resources, strategy, communication, and support systems for when things get tough. That’s why she strives to make a difference on both sides by providing education while helping families communicate more openly with one another.

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This Holiday Season, Tamra Is Supporting: The Content Club Charity Program

The charity program is sponsored by the 265 Point Christian Authors Network (C.A.N.) as a “Love in Action” initiative to rally behind a cause that demonstrates the love of Christ to a person or group in need. For the 2021 Holiday season,  C.A.N. will donate 50 cents to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for every book that participating authors sell between Friday, November 26th – Monday, November 29th. Together, we can stop M.S. in its tracks.