God-Confidence Art Contest

God-Confidence Art Contest

God-Confidence Art Contest

We are so excited to present this year’s God-Confidence Art Contest Winner, Kate Hyland! Please also enjoy the beautiful words, paintings, voices, and mixed media that the members of our very own Christian Author’s Network have to offer.


Winner of the God-Confidence Art Contest

Kate Hyland

Art Medium: Painting

“I created this oil painting during a very special time in my life. It shows the seasons during my breast cancer journey. From Fall, through Summer, into Spring, while keeping my full God-Confidence in His light & His cross as my main focus. A true depiction of sustaining God’s light in dark times.”



Runner-Up Entries

Tarrent-Arthur Henry

Art Medium: Poetry

“The essence of life can be summed up very easily when we are connected to the most powerful source in the Universe. God is Calling you but can you hear the sound of His Voice? God is calling you but are you listening? Tell you a little secret, It’s time you, ‘Turn Off Your Brain And Listen To God!'”



God is calling you
Can you hear
The Divine Sound
Of His Voice?

God is calling you
Can you smell
The Divine Fragrance
Of His Voice?

God is calling you
Can you taste
The Divine Sweetness
Of His Voice?

God is calling you
Can you touch
The Divine Delicacy
Of His Voice?

God is calling
Can you see
The Divine Presence
Of His Voice?

God is calling
Can you feel
The Divine Movement
In His Voice?

God is calling
Can you sense
Your Divine Calling
In His Voice?

God is calling
God is calling you
Out of your comfort zone
And into the Supernatural.

(©2021 Tarrent-‘Authur’ Henry – taken from the book – “Turn Off Your Brain And Listen To God”- pg.83)



Cynthia Walker

Art Medium: Poetry

“I created this piece today on September 21, which is my actual birthday. This piece describes me knowing my worth and also knowing that without God nothing would be possible. I can walk in confidence because I know that God has my front and my back and he unconditionally loves me just as I am.”


It was the 21st of September
As I reflect on the 16,436 days since He created me on the 21st day of September
I know the greatness He sprinkled in my life everyone will always remember
I have walked through every valley and endured every storm as though He was there with me
Even when I got to the mountaintop I celebrate and publicly give Him worship for all to see
When great things happen, it is always important to introduce your team
Let the world know who is behind the manifestation of your dream
I have done many great things and I know that my purpose comes with power
One that I must handle correctly and carefully utilize every hour
You see, when it is time for me to go sit by His side others must keep this movement alive
Right now it is my assignment to carry this mantle and maintain my strive
He has given me all the tools and strength to endure my life which is all His plan
It is my job to make Him look at great as I can
When you are chosen He is expecting you to be the example that people need
Don’t ever succumb to jealous, envy, or greed
My life is not perfect to the naked eye
If you look through your God’s lens you will see why
I was specifically picked to fulfill these tasks while here on this earth
Now every year on September 21st you will value it’s worth
Happy Birthday to me!!!!!



Doris Cush

Art Medium: Poetry

“I chose to view a God confidence from a different perspective — from the vantage point of wonder and amazement living amongst real-life issues. There’s a certain settling of the soul when we embrace the “wonders of [God’s] great love” (Psalm 17:6-8). There, I believe we find our God confidence.”



Sarah Buckland

Art Medium: Poetry

“‘Baby Steps’ is a personal poem, penned during a season of uncertainty, being tired of tackling life in one’s own strength. Having come to the realization that they are not in control, the solution is the imagery of a baby’s faith of a baby, completely reliant on the Heavenly Father (Psalm 131).”




Amy Le

Art Medium: Writing

“The Heart Warrior’s Creed is a poem, words to live by, for those living with congenital heart defects. As a CHD survivor, I fight every day to live a normal life knowing that any day can be my last.”



Runa Prinslo

Art Medium: Digital Image

“I used to be too shy to promote myself as an author. I was just like the timid small designs on the edges of the image. Only with God can I now splash out – boldly, in loud colors, and in the middle of everywhere.”



Natalie Gordon

Art Medium: Song

“This is a poem reflecting my life before Salvation and how Jesus picked me up and is my friend.. As a person with trust issues I learned that I can trust Jesus and unlike man, He will always be there.. He is now my best friend.”



Tamela Lucas

Art Medium: Drawing

“At the beginning of time, God thought about us. Due to jealousy Lucifer, tried to take over heaven but God had to kick him out. So we see his fall along with his followers. Now he is the prince of this world. Crafty, cunning and sneaky. No matter what we got to hold on to God’s unchanging hand”




Donia Simmons

Art Medium: Poetry

“In a world that holds validation of others as a priority and social media as the height of self-worth, many times we don’t understand our true beauty nor have the confidence God has given us. This is a poem that allows the Holy Spirit to speak to our core value; the beauty the was created within.”

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