First 5 Step #1: Find Your Fuel (Re-Air)

, First 5 Step #1: Find Your Fuel (Re-Air)

First 5 Step #1: Find Your Fuel (Re-Air)


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Did you know that roughly 80% of Americans have a burning desire to write a book? That’s four out of five people who dream of becoming an author. But how many of them actually follow through on that desire? The answer may be less than you think.


In this first episode of the First 5 series, Coach Tam explains the very first step you need to take — before you even start writing your book — so it will have maximum impact. You’ll walk away from this episode ready to dive in and start making your dream a reality!


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • The #1 reason most people don’t move forward with writing their book 
  • Common advice people give on how to get started — and why they’re missing an essential first step
  • The difference between those who follow through on writing their book and those who don’t
  • Questions to ask yourself so you can get started and make the impact you want


I Want to Write a Book — Where Do I Start?


The #1 reason that people don’t move forward with their book is because they don’t know where to start. And that’s understandable! After all, if you were to google “how do I write a book?” right now, you’d get a number of different answers, like:


  • Figure out your “big idea” for your book. In other words, what is your book going to be about?
  • Find the right template. Some people say that if you can just get something to guide your writing process, you’ll be on easy street.
  • Prepare your environment. Environment matters, after all, and it’s important to ensure your environment is conducive for you to write. 


All of these things are important! But they aren’t the starting point. If you begin by focusing on your environment, templates, or big idea, you’ve skipped an essential first step — and you won’t have the impact you really want to have. 


So where should you start if you want to impact people? The answer is simple: find your fuel


Is My “Why” Strong Enough?


The journey you’re on to become an authorpreneur — an author who is in the business of writing books that impact people — is going to require something of you. There will be good days when you’re really excited about the work you’re doing, and there will also be challenging days.


The difference between “the ones who do” and “the ones who don’t” is that “the ones who do” have found their fuel. These people recognize that willpower is important, but “why power” is even more important. 


Why do you want to write this book? What is the impact that you want to create? You must tap into your “why,” because your “why” becomes your fuel. When you don’t feel like pulling out your pen and paper and writing, and when you’d rather chill on the couch than invest the time to keep working on your book idea, your fuel is what drives you. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint!


As you consider your “why,” think about these questions:


  • Who are the people you want to impact with your book?
  • What pain are those people dealing with right now because they don’t have the answers that you have?
  • How can their lives be different as a result of reading your book?


Really dig deep into this — so deep, in fact, that it brings you to tears. Because if your “why” isn’t strong enough to make you cry, it’s not strong enough!


So before you do anything else for your book, you’ve got to find your fuel, because your fuel will help you go the distance. 



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