Marriage – Can You Relate? – Fiona Myles

Marriage – Can You Relate? – Fiona Myles

Marriage – Can You Relate? – Fiona Myles

Married and also married with children. Marriage is a strange old thing. I’m on my third one. First two were complete disasters. Married in haste and not really for love more first one was a safety net, but turned into a real place of fear and anything but safety. Can anyone relate?

Struggles to conceive brought more pain and upset. Desperately wanting children and focusing on it all the time. Tests and more tests put the strain right on the marriage.

Marriage number one ended with him having an affair.

Next was a sweet chap, very quiet and easy to get on with. Liked a drink but was OK with alcohol. Still, on the same hamster wheel of infertility, the common denominator was obviously me. IVF failed and twins were lost. Grief not dealt with. Both struggling with the childless existence. Both Desperately wanting a child. Talking wasn’t a part of our lives. Can anyone relate?

Second marriage heading for failure, I became a Christian, now things will change God will give us a child. He didn’t. Husband number two left after getting a work colleague pregnant. How do I work through that? No children, no husband, no sex I’m a Christian now. Would I ever get married again is my quest for a child over?

Let’s race on 6 years married again wonderful Christian man 14 years younger, oh yes. But still no children. Marriage is difficult, learning to talk through our pain our loss, praying together so comforting. Hurtle through eight years. God tells me I will have a child at 50. Husband number three is delighted when six weeks before my 51st birthday our child arrived. Was our marriage any better? No, we now have to navigate a child in our 14-year childless state. Not the easiest thing to do. Prayer and communication, prayer and communication. Can anyone relate?

Meet Fiona

Fiona Myles is 55, married with two children, and hopelessly in love with writing. She is about to publish her first book and aspires to build up women’s lives through powerful testimony.

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