Do Something About It – Coach Tam Jackson

, Do Something About It – Coach Tam Jackson

Do Something About It – Coach Tam Jackson

I get really frustrated when I see authors complain on Facebook that their book isn’t selling.

And, if I am keeping it 100, I get a little ticked off too.

I hate to hear people make excuses.

(hear me out and read the whole thing before you crucify me, please)

A few months back, I was working out with my BFF (like we do every morning)…and ranting.

Because it’s always something.

“I just want to write, not sell.” (but I still want everyone to read my book and change the world)

“I don’t understand this marketing stuff.”

“I tried (insert marketing idea here) once and it didn’t work for me.”

And it makes me want to bang my head on my desk every time I hear it!

And here’s why:

It’s the good-hearted, purpose-driven people that deserve to be super successful.

Like traveling the world speaking at events, landing high-paying coaching clients, taking a few weeks off a year kind of successful.

And in my experience, it’s the good-hearted, purpose-driven people who struggle the most to get their message out while the people who are just in it for the money always seem to come out ahead.

So I get personally mad when I hear all of those “reasons” AKA excuses.

Because I know that these obstacles are really just opportunities.

I know that feeding into them as limitations is what is really stunting your success.

I know that you’re falling for The Lie instead of believing The Truth of who God says you are and what you can achieve.

And I feel angry.

Really, really angry.

Because back in the day, I fell for the lie too.

I even did the ugly “why me??!” cry.

I got sucked into the trap of getting angry and then feeling sorry for myself rather than taking any real action (tinkering around with my website for hours didn’t count)…

Until someone confronted me with the truth.

My biggest enemy was me.

But enough about me…remember my BFF? She’s a smart one. She reminded me that anger is a sign that something needs to change.

And then it hit me.

What I really needed to do was put together some free training and resources that show you how to overcome each and everyone one of these excuses.

Because it’s really it’s a win-win.

When you follow the training and see your sales spike, I get a cool testimonial for my marketing. Or if you realize that you’d rather have someone hold your hand through the process, you know where to turn.

So that’s what I did.

And now it’s later for the excuses.

Brick by brick, by God’s grace, authors everywhere are tearing down their excuses.

The people that are serious about making it as an author are indeed making it happen and I could not be more proud of them!

The moral of the story, for me and maybe for you?

Anger without appropriate action serves no one.

If something – like looking at your monthly KDP sales report – makes you angry, then Do. Something. About. It.