Do It Now Part 6: How to Find Time to Write

, Do It Now Part 6: How to Find Time to Write

Do It Now Part 6: How to Find Time to Write


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You may have heard the saying “time is money.” But consider this: time is power. One of the most common reasons that people have for not writing a book is that they don’t have the time to write. But that just isn’t true! In reality, everyone has the same amount of time in a day — it all comes down to how we choose to use it. 


In Part 6 of the Do It Now series, Coach Tam shares tips and strategies for finding time to write on a regular basis. You might be surprised at just how much time you already have — the key is putting it to good use so you can finally get that book done!


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • 3 ways writing a book will change your life
  • Time management tips to make the most of the time you already have
  • How to prioritize setting aside time to write
  • What to do with your downtime
  • Strategies for eliminating distractions


Consider for a moment that Jesus, even with all that He had to accomplish in His short ministry on earth, was given the same 24 hours and the same seven days a week that we are. Almighty God did not say, “Because you’re my Son, and you have the biggest assignment ever, I’ll give you 28 hours and eight days.” So if Jesus was able to get it done — and do it well — with greater responsibilities than you or I could ever have, then certainly it’s possible for us to find the time to write the book and to do it now. 


Why You Should Write Your Book Now


Before we get into how to find the time to write, let’s talk about why. Here are a few ways that writing a book will literally change your life.


1. Writing a Book Is a Great Way to Make an Impact.


You can make an impact with your book in ways that other forms of communication just can’t match. Whether you’re sharing your faith journey or providing spiritual guidance, writing a book gives you an opportunity to reach out and touch someone on a deeper level than is possible through a one-on-one conversation. 


Writing a book also provides an opportunity for personal growth, as you are able to reflect on your own life experiences and share them with others. When you take the time to write something meaningful and lasting, you’ll be surprised by how much of an impact your written words can have on other people’s lives. 


2. Writing a Book Builds Belief in Yourself. 


Different from cockiness or arrogance, belief in yourself is about believing that you are who God says you are and that you are capable of what God says you are capable of. 


When you step out on faith and set out on a creative endeavor — especially one as big as writing a book — you’re bound to have self-doubts along the way. But when you look that fear in the face and commit yourself fully and completely to the project, even if it means sacrificing some of your free time, you’ll end up proving something important to yourself. You’ll prove that when you’re faced with adversity, you can rise above it and take action instead of giving up or making excuses. 


That might seem like small potatoes to actually finishing the book itself, but having faith in yourself and the God in you is essential for any creative pursuit. Without it, finding motivation and time to write and finish your book just isn’t possible!


3. Writing a Book Allows You to Create Something Special. 


A big reward that comes from completing your book is having the opportunity to partner with God to create something special. Something that stands as a testament to all of the work He’s done in you and through you, and to your dedication over the weeks and months.


When you finish, you will have written something meaningful and lasting that honors God, something that will remain long after you are gone — a legacy. You’ll know deep down that you’ve created something worthwhile during your time on Earth. And that feeling is priceless!


How To Find the Time to Write Your Book


If God is calling you to write a book and you’re feeling that tug in your spirit right now, know that you can do it. But how do you actually find the time to write it? Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you make good use of your time.


Time Management


An important part of making your dream of writing a book come true is setting aside specific blocks of time to write. It doesn’t really matter if it’s on a daily or weekly basis, as long as you carve out the time and you’re consistent. 


Dedicating time to write can ensure that your book actually gets written. Because as long as it just stays as something you want to do, and it doesn’t have an actual place in your schedule, it will not get done. 


Schedule out which days and times will be best for you to write, and then stick with that schedule. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use your Google Calendar and plot out blocks of time (this is called “time blocking”) where you can squeeze in 30 minutes or an hour here and there in your week’s schedule. 


Yes, you already have a lot in your schedule, but everyone has some free time. So grab some of those blocks of free time and dedicate them to writing. Knowing that those moments are yours and yours alone to focus on writing can help motivate you to actually work on completing your book, day by day and step by step, until it’s done. 




Simply setting aside time to write isn’t the only thing you need to do, however. You also need to manage your priorities. That means you’ll need to do a bit of a gut check and prioritize what matters most. 


If you’re like most of us, you have a lot of things on your plate, and there are a lot of things other people want you to do. So it’s important to take a step back and evaluate: which are “good things,” and which are “God things”?


Some “good things” are also “God things.” But just because something is “good” doesn’t mean it’s “God.” Sometimes, an ask may not be inherently wrong, but it’s also not where God is calling you to spend your time in this season. Additionally, don’t make the mistake of thinking because you were called to something at one time that it’s still where God wants you to be — He might be calling you to something different now.


Challenge yourself to spend some time with God and ask Him about your priorities. Where do you need to be spending your time in this season? And if it’s true that He is calling you and tugging on you to write a book, then He’s given you the space and the time to write it. You just might need to release some things to create room for it in your life. 


After taking time to spend with God, and taking time to spend with your family, writing needs to be somewhere at the top of your list. You’ll have other obligations and other asks during the course of your day, but if God is calling you to do this and do it now, you can’t let those other things get in the way. Prioritize what matters most so you can actually get this book done.




Here’s the reality. No matter how busy we are, we have downtime. Whether you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, sitting in traffic on your commute home, or waiting in the doctor’s office to be called, you have so many little blocks of time throughout your day. It may not be 30 minutes or an hour where you can sit down and be 100% dedicated, but it’s still time! The trick is using that time to write, even just a little bit here and there.


What would happen if you were to take advantage of those moments by breaking out your phone or a little notebook in your purse and jotting down ideas for chapters or scenes while they are still fresh in your mind? What if, when something popped into your head while you were waiting for an appointment or a class, you actually wrote it down? 


This is a really simple way to make time to write a little bit each day, and you can just use the basic Notes app on your phone, or whatever app you prefer. Whenever a thought comes to mind, capture it in a note. Then, when you have your next opportunity, continue to flesh those thoughts out. 


You’ll be surprised how much you can actually accomplish with these little bite-size moments of time. Having these notes handy can literally save you hours, because later, when you’re able to sit down at your desk, you can pull all of those pieces together and massage them into something great. 




We live in an age that is so technologically advanced. We have so many things at our disposal, and the challenge is that they’re all vying for our attention. That means our attention is constantly split amongst screens and devices. As a result, sometimes we make more excuses than actual progress on our projects, because we’re easily distracted by social media notifications or text messages from friends and family members. 


To avoid this temptation, you’ll need to take some bold steps, like turning off notifications for certain apps or putting your phone on silent during certain times. This helps you focus when it’s time to write. 


And that’s why, for many people, early morning is a great time to dedicate to prayer, devotion, journaling, and writing. It’s very quiet, and there’s not much going on during the early hours to get in your way. But even early in the morning we have to be careful not to get sucked into social media notifications or text messages that were sent during the night. 


Make it easier on yourself by putting your phone away or turning off your notifications — or at least the sound, so they don’t interrupt you —  until you’ve tackled your writing for the day. Then you’ll be less likely to get pulled into those distractions, and instead you’ll be able to remain focused on completing your work in an organized manner. 


You Do Have Time to Write


Remember: everyone has the time to write a book. Making good use of that time is all about setting your mind to it. With proper planning and preparation, dedication, and consistency, all of us can find the perfect balance between life and writing so our books, blogs, or our podcasts actually become a reality instead of dreams deferred. 


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to write, to put pen to paper — or fingers to phone! — and partner with God to make your dreams a reality. The steps we’ve covered today will help you eliminate excuses for why you can’t take advantage of the available resources, and the precious God-given gift of 24 hours each day, to get your book done. 


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