Do It Now Part 1: You Have a Higher Calling

, Do It Now Part 1: You Have a Higher Calling

Do It Now Part 1: You Have a Higher Calling


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Are you having trouble getting started on that book project of yours? You know — the one you’ve been thinking, talking, and praying about for a long time? If so, you’re in the right place. The Do It Now podcast series was designed just for you, to bring you motivation and advice, knowledge and inspiration — everything you need to finally tackle what’s been holding you back and pursue your higher calling as an author. 


In Part 1 of the Do It Now series, Coach Tam shares a powerful motivator to keep you on track when the going gets tough. Your story has the power to literally change lives, but only if you take action. It’s time to break away from your comfort zone and reach heights you never thought possible!


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • A simple but powerful reminder that will keep you focused on your higher calling
  • Why writing your book is more than just an intellectual exercise or a chore
  • What to do when you start to feel doubt or discouragement
  • The potential consequences of not pursuing your higher calling to write and publish your book


Every author has a story to tell — a story that has the potential to change lives, to inspire, and even to revolutionize the world. But getting a book from concept to print is easier said than done. It takes focus, commitment, and lots of hard work. And it’s easy to get sidetracked by the demands of everyday life or simply to forget that there is power in finishing what we start. 


But if you choose to believe that you have a higher calling as a Christian author and that your story deserves to be heard by the world, then you need to understand how to keep that fire alive in your heart and how to make sure you do whatever it takes to get your work into the world. Because that moment — the moment when your work gets out into the world — can literally change lives forever. 


Your Book Is an Act of Service


The good news is there’s an incredibly powerful way to help you stay motivated and inspired to finish your book. And it is this: to remind yourself daily of the hell that people are in right now because they don’t know what you know, and to remind yourself that you have been called by God to set people free. 


When you understand your higher calling, it provides incredible motivation for writing and publishing your book. Just think about all the people in the world who are living without knowledge and without hope, people who are bound by their own ignorance and unable to see the truth. Your book will be a tool that helps these people out of their darkness and into a new light — a light of knowledge and understanding, one where they will finally be free. 


Suddenly, writing your book becomes much more than just an intellectual exercise. It’s an act of service to those who are in need.


When you write your book with others in mind, your words become so much more powerful and meaningful. You become inspired with renewed purpose and passion. 


Think about it:


  • Your story could potentially save someone’s life or make someone’s life better 
  • Your words could give someone hope or empower them with newfound knowledge
  • Your advice could bring about joy or comfort during difficult and devastating times 


Suddenly, writing doesn’t feel like such a chore anymore. Instead, it feels like an honor, an opportunity to serve others through our work.


Don’t Forget Why You Started


Unfortunately, we can easily forget why we started to write in the first place — the fact that we have knowledge that needs to be shared by others. That’s our higher calling from God, but it can be easy to lose sight of it.


Remember, there are people desperately searching for answers and unable to find them on their own. They’re unable to find those answers without you. When you keep this in mind throughout your writing journey, it gives you strength and courage when things get tough. 


So when doubt creeps in, or discouragement threatens to overtake you, remember that you’re not just doing this for yourself. You’re also doing it for others who need this information. For those whose lives could be changed forever if they only had access to what you know.


It’s time to challenge yourself to pursue that higher calling. Take action today —  start taking the steps that are literally going to set others free. As an author, entrepreneur, and expert, you have unique gifts and talents that can help others get out of their own personal hell. 


Whether it’s escaping the rat race, learning how to manage their finances better, getting closer to God, or being a more effective leader at work or at church, you have something special that can help others find freedom from their current circumstances. But the problem is that unless your stories are told, those people will remain trapped in their current situations. That’s why you have to stay focused on your writing project and finish it as soon as possible. 


Remember Your Higher Calling


Knowing that you can make a real difference in someone’s life is a powerful motivator for staying on task with your writing goals. So remind yourself of your higher calling as an author with the power to change lives during the inevitable moments when it gets hard, boring, or just plain difficult. 


When you tap into this higher calling for motivation, it helps keep you focused on the bigger picture, knowing that what you’re doing matters — not just for yourself, but for others who need your help and insight. Charles Gill said it well: “There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you don’t do them.”


Our lives are full of potential that can easily go to waste if we don’t take the initiative and we’re not proactive in pursuing our goals. But far too often, our thoughts remain just that — thoughts. Though it may be intimidating to step outside of your comfort zone and put energy into something new, the effort you put forth in those moments is always worth it. 


There’s so much beauty in pushing ourselves to do something extraordinarily, in trusting God and discovering our inner strength, and then seeing the results of prayer, perseverance, and patience working together. 


You never know what successes lie ahead for you and how many lives could be changed until you make the decision to begin. So many wonderful things could be yours, if only you start now.



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