Coach Tam’s Story

Who I am today is NOT who I have always been

, Coach Tam’s Story

Ready to build a brand that resonates with your ideal audience?

My name is Tamara Jackson but my clients affectionately call me “Coach Tam.” I am a published author, I am the host of the Top 100 Publishing Secrets podcast, Facebook© Certified Digital Marketer, and the founder of ChristianAuthors.net. I am also the CEO of a mission-oriented company, the 265 Point Christian Authors Network, that helps current and aspiring Christian authors get their God-given message out and to the masses.

Interestingly enough, much of the success that God has allowed me to enjoy is founded upon a book that I wrote in 2013, 265 Point. In the book, I share how I transformed from being a 265 lb. junk food addict to a 155 lb. fitness fanatic appearing on the demonstration floor of the Dr. Oz Television show. It’s part biography, part self-help. I wanted to do my part to end the trend of obesity in America and help others lose the weight and keep it off.

Living my dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

I fell for the lie that if I shared my heartfelt story enough times on social media that the followers and sales would come. It was not nearly as easy in real life as people made it seem in those ads!!!
I was so frustrated from pouring my heart and soul into marketing my book only to get crickets. Know what I mean?

  • I posted on my author page and didn’t get one like.
  • I posted on my personal page and only got a “pity like” or two from family and friends.
  • I desperately tried to build an email list with a freebie but no one signed up.

What am I missing???? That is what I thought to myself. Every. Single. Day.

And so I started to get angry.

Really, really angry.

I even did the ugly, angry “why me??!” cry.

I got sucked into the trap of getting angry and then feeling sorry for myself rather than taking any real action (tinkering around with my website for hours didn’t count)…

Until someone confronted me with the truth.

After feeling clueless about marketing and sales for years, I finally got connected with people who actually knew what they were doing and they pointed out where I was going wrong.

I learned that if people were not buying from me, it is because:

I was invisible to them. They don’t know that I or my book existed. Sure, my family and friends knew I wrote a book, but who else? Sadly, the answer was hardly anyone. I had a big heart and BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals) but that was about it.  With a tiny social media following and no email list, I wasn’t getting my book in front of enough people to actually generate sales or make an impact. There was some truth to the “numbers game” and my numbers just were not adding up.

They did not “like me.” Not because I did anything wrong or was a bad person, but I eventually realized that what I heard about people knowing, liking, and trusting you was true. Not only was I invisible to the vast majority of the people I aspired to reach but when I did connect with them on social or even in person, I struggled to strike up a meaningful conversation. I didn’t know what to say or do to establish common ground and show my genuine interest vs. sounding awkward and needy.

I didn’t have enough credibility. They did not trust me as a leader, my solution, or their ability to execute my solution. Again, it wasn’t because I had personally let them down but rather because I hadn’t done anything to prove myself to them. Sure, I had a personal story of transformation and success but that didn’t necessarily mean that I had the skills to coach them to success or that my methods were sound. And even when I was able to get a few testimonials under my belt – I later learned that there was still a haunting question in their minds “but will it work FOR ME?”

The Big Turnaround

My story sounds kind of doom and gloom but I want you to know that after losing tens of thousands of dollars on ineffective strategies I did finally figure it out. I was able to boost my book sales and leverage the concepts in the book to build a weight loss coaching business and open a brick-and-mortar gym. Plus my confidence in my message and my ability to market it skyrocketed.

You are probably wondering, “what turned it around for you?” My answer is simple, not sexy. I do not have a magic bullet or a fast fix.

I found out that the big issue was the way that I presented things. I was not making an emotional connection with my audience. What I said just did not resonate with them on a heart level so no one felt compelled to take the next step. It kind of stinks right?

There is good news. After years of feeling clueless, the lightbulb came on. I had answers. I knew what I needed to do to connect with the people I was called to serve!

I discovered that it is not really about being “popular”. It is about having the right strategy.

When you are able to generate awareness, interest, and consideration on your social media channels in a way that honors God, your impact, influence, and sales will soar.

God did it for me and He will do it for you too. You just have to surrender to the process.

Are you ready to learn how to build your author platform with proven strategies that will help you make connections and sell more books online?