Christian Authors Network Announces “Speak Up” Competition Round 2 Finalists

Christian Authors Network Announces “Speak Up” Competition Round 2 Finalists

Christian Authors Network Announces “Speak Up” Competition Round 2 Finalists

The round two finalists for the Christian Authors Network global speaking competition have been announced, and the competition is heating up!


The finalists’ entries will be featured on the Top 100 Publishing Secrets podcast and go on to compete live on Expect the Impossible Day. The grand prize winner will receive a luxurious stay in beautiful Colorado Springs to record a professional speaker reel.


In round two, each contestant submitted a podcast-style message to encourage and motivate Christian writers, and the messages submitted were designed to do just that. The submissions were voted on by their peers in the Christian Authors Network Facebook group in a tight competition.


Finalists include:

  • Lystra Wilson
  • Dori Durbin
  • Jennifer Rosario de Casiano
  • Mandy Leigh Lindsey
  • Kim Lengling
  • Tarrent-Arthur Henry
  • Charity Goodwin


Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned writer, these messages are sure to inspire.



This is an incredible opportunity for Christian speakers to get their message out there to the masses. So be sure to tune in on October 1st to see who will be crowned the Speak Up champion! Free registration opens on September 5th – don’t miss it!


To stay up-to-date on the competition, visit https://265point.com/speakupcompetition2022.


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The Christian Authors Network Speak Up Competition

The Speak Up Competition, sponsored by the Christian Authors Network, is a powerful source of hope and light for people all over the world. This year’s theme, “Expect the Impossible,” is a reminder that no matter how dark our situations may look, we always have hope because we know that all things are possible with God! The inspirational messages featured in this series are from the round two finalists. Stay tuned for updates as the competition progresses, and please pray with us that God will use this competition to bless and encourage His people. We know that the Speak Up community has the power to make a difference in this world, and we can’t wait to see what God does through us!