Celebrate 8

265 Point is…. 8 Years Strong March 2021 and… we have 8 ways that YOU can celebrate with us!

Let's Celebrate 8!!!

1. Write and Win!
For this challenge, writers submitted a 300-500-word blog post for an opportunity to be featured on 265point.com and appear on the Publishing Secrets Podcast. Plus, one blog post - chosen by voters - will receive an exclusive feature! Voting Day is Monday, March 8th from 8 AM - 8 PM CST
2. Refer
3. Refer and Win!
Attention 265 Clients! Refer 8 first-time visitors who participate in a 265 activity in the month of March and you’ll get a
signature 265 water bottle.
2. Refer
4. Workout and Win!
Complete 8 or more LIVE ONLINE 265 workouts in 18 days and get a special edition gym bag and a VIP ticket to our recognition event.
4. Join Us
5. Join and Win!
Be one of the first 8 to join our 28-day Wellness Jumpstart and you’ll save 50% and win a special edition duffel bag. Sign up by 3/15; the challenge kicks off on 3/18.
Offer valid for new members only.
4. Join Us
5. Prioritize - Daily 8
Get your priorities in order by completing 8 full “Daily 8” Challenges from Thursday, March 18th, 2021 to Thursday, March 25th, 2021 and get a special edition gym bag. Download your tracker now and watch for updates on Facebook and Instagram!
6. Bring a Friend Anniversary Event
7. Bring a friend and win!
Attend our Anniversary celebration on March 25th and bring a friend and you both could win one of our 8 special edition prizes!
6. Bring a Friend Anniversary Event
8. One more super special opportunity to win to be announced on March 8th!
8. Special Announcement - Coming Soon TBA Giveaway