She was at her highest weight ever. She felt out of control and hated looking in the mirror. She was truly desperate to get healthy and fit – for good.


But she was stuck in “the cycle of returns” – where she would lose some weight and feel great only to see it all return. She couldn’t seem to figure out why she couldn’t reach her goal or keep any weight off for very long. 🤷🏽‍♀️

😢 She shamefully reminded herself regularly that she just needed to learn some discipline or she’d never get her old confidence back which was starting to affect how she showed up at work and with her soul mate because was feeling so insecure despite being seen by others as such an amazing woman.

😮It took a while but finally, I was able to get her to see that discipline wasn’t the key. You see, many people think that discipline is the answer when in fact it’s the BIG 4 that is holding them back from their dream body.

1. No plan 🗓. She did well planning things that she needed to do for work or family but never really had a game plan for what she was going to eat and when or how she’d consistently get her workouts in.

2. No fun💃🏻. All of the programs she tried in the past were so boring and rigid. People think discipline is the answer here but no one eats food or sticks to workouts they don’t like for long. She constantly felt deprived or like she had to push herself to go to her gym. This always led to giving up.

3. No support system 👫. Everyone around her was in the same boat as she was! Half wanted to get healthy but didn’t know how and the other half weren’t even serious about making changes. In fact, sometimes it felt like family and friends were “food pushers” trying to sabotage her.

4. No accountability 👩‍🏫. She had a tendency to get in her feelings and lacked accountability from someone who could help her stay the course when she was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or had just “screwed up.”


After talking things through, I knew EXACTLY what needed to be done and went to work:

✅ First, we had a 2-hour conversation so that I could understand likes and dislikes. This was really important so she didn’t feel too restricted or deprived.

✅Second, I created eating plan that was easy to follow because there was no calorie counting and it was full of food that she loved.

✅Third, I got her plugged into our gym and community. Now she had a consistent workout schedule and working out = having fun with friends! She’s been consistent because she loves the environment – it’s positive, emotionally safe, and affirming to keep her motivated.

✅Fourth, I set up weekly touch points where we could talk about how the week went, answer questions, and plan for the typical derailers – parties, office events, weekend trips and vacations. This way she would always know exactly what to do.

And WOW has she made amazing progress!! And in such a short period of time!! I’ll be sharing more about this amazing woman next week!!

Tamara “Coach Tam” Jackson

Chief Visionary Officer

265 Point Total Fitness