Book Sales Success Secret #3: The Best Sales Strategy for Fast Results

Book Sales Success Secret #3: The Best Sales Strategy for Fast Results

Book Sales Success Secret #3: The Best Sales Strategy for Fast Results


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Are you ready to make an impact, sell more books, and see massive results in your ministry or business? And do you want to do it in a way that is both fast and sustainable? Then you need a sales strategy that’s different from the norm. In Part 3 of the Book Sales Success Series, Coach Tam lays out a different kind of sales strategy – one that’s guaranteed to get actual results quickly and with integrity. Stop wasting time and energy on tactics that get you nowhere, and start doing things that actually make a difference. 


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • Why typical book sales strategies aren’t very effective, especially for new authors
  • What authors can learn about sales strategy by following the example of Jesus and His ministry
  • How to skyrocket your results using strategic messenger multiplication – and a roadmap to guide you through the process
  • One simple first step to get you started 


When your goal is to build something meaningful, something that will make an impact and leave a legacy, what will be the difference between success and failure? 


Scripture points to the answer:


Wisdom is required to build a house; understanding is necessary to make it secure. Knowledge is needed to furnish all the rooms and fill them with beautiful treasures. 

Proverbs 24:3-4 (The Voice)


So then, the key – or keys, rather – are wisdom, understanding and knowledge. What does that have to do with a winning sales strategy for your books, ministry, and business? Everything. 


The Fastest Path to Results


Which would you rather choose:


  • Door #1: Waste a lot of time and energy, see zero results, and constantly feel like giving up on your dream.
  • Door #2: Invest the time and effort to learn the right sales strategy, see massive results, and know that it’s only a matter of time before you can walk into your destiny.


If Door #2 sounds good to you – if you’re here because what you really want is massive results, which really means maximum impact – then you are in the right place. You’re about to get the secret to doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your results. But while this is the fastest path to breakthrough results, it’s not at all about doing so in the ways you might expect.


This sales strategy is not about paying for reviews, buying ads on social media platforms, giving away books for free, camping out at book signing events, or begging friends and family members to post reviews. And it’s going to fly in the face of everything you’ve been told. 


There are lots of well-meaning people out there who want you to believe that writing and publishing a book is easy. And there are publishers and gurus who want you to believe that if you just publish it, people will come. It’s misleading, and it’s often for their own benefit. Meanwhile, successful authors know the secret: books don’t sell themselves – authors sell books. 


Get Great Results by Following a Great Example


Let’s be honest, writing a best-selling book to build a ministry or a business is 10 times easier to do when you have a writing coach or ghostwriter, an established brand, a great reputation, a big email list, and a large social media following. But what is an up-and-coming author to do? How do you put yourself on a level playing field? 


You follow the greatest example of all time. You follow Jesus’s example.


Let’s think about what that means. Jesus started small, and He built from there. He started out as a total unknown, and now, over 2000 years later, we still know who He is. 


  • We are still talking about His message. 
  • Books written about Him sell better than most books on the planet. 
  • People die for Him daily. 
  • Christianity is growing faster than the population. 


How did He do it? He was willing to start small and build. He interacted with the people that He was trying to reach, meeting them where they were and sharing a message of hope and healing. And He invested in a small inner circle – an inner circle that would go on to help spread His message and change the world.


That’s it! We must make our message so powerful that people will want to spread it for us. Everyone out there is teaching the kind of sales strategy that works for people with an established brand and reputation. But no one has been teaching the simple ground-zero strategies that allow you to establish credibility, become an ethical authority, create a platform from nothing, and allow you to build a successful brand ministry and business. 


Until now. Here’s a simple mindset shift that can change everything. It’s the fastest path to consistent book sales and the key to starting and scaling a successful business or ministry. And it comes down to three words: strategic messenger multiplication. 


Strategic Messenger Multiplication


The fact is that if you are the only one talking about your book, your business, or your ministry, it’s going to be a struggle to get your God-given message out to the masses, your sales will be non-existent or inconsistent, and there will be constant temptation to quit. In fact, you might actually quit, because you’re not seeing results from your work, despite trying every sales strategy you can think of. 


But once you learn strategic messenger multiplication and create a small group of evangelists, if you will – people that know, like, and trust you – the exact opposite will happen. Your message will spread like wildfire; your sales will increase and then start increasing predictably; you will feel confident that you’re on the right track to live your dream and maximize your influence, impact, and income. 


So what is strategic messenger multiplication? To be clear, it’s a made-up term, but it’s a principle that makes sense. It’s a simple, repeatable process that allows you to multiply your audience every month with word-of-mouth advertising. It’s all about building relationships and helping your ideal audience so much that they become messengers and grow your audience for you. 


Now, make no mistake, this is one of those “hard work on the front end so it will be easier on the back end” kind of things. But what if a lot of hard work on the front end made it easy to build a platform, brand, ministry and business, and a tribe of loyal followers who will also become buyers? What if you recruit and disciple 12 evangelists who believe in your cause. Then each one of those 12 evangelists recruits one more, and 12 turns into 24, then 48, then 96, 192, 384, 786 – and your following just keeps growing and multiplying without sounding salesy or sleazy, because the growth is all based on helping others. 


Imagine how much easier it would be to sell thousands of books, to grow your business, to sell out your coaching and consulting program, and to see your ministry impact people around the world! With God as your source and strategic messenger multiplication as your sales strategy, it is possible. 


Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26 (NIV)


Let this be your challenge: expect the impossible. And remember that the impossible becomes possible when you do the right things at the right time in the right order. 


The Strategic Messenger Multiplication Playbook


A lot of people out there are talking theory with their sales strategy, but I’m a practitioner. When COVID sucked the life out of my business, I had to start over with next to nothing – and I used these exact principles to rebuild. 


Don’t fall for the hype. The fastest path to results is to get knowledge and understanding, and then to apply that knowledge and understanding. That’s wisdom. 


So here is your strategic messenger multiplication playbook: 


Step #1:Create valuable content that is interesting and engaging. 

This goes back to Success Secret #1: you have to know your audience, because you have to know what’s interesting and engaging to them. 


Step #2: Foster a sense of community by getting your fans to interact with each other. 

This is twofold. You want your audience to interact with you, but you also want them to interact with each other. There is so much power in being on a journey with people with similar values and interests. 


Step #3: Show appreciation for your fans and followers, and never, ever take them for granted. 

People don’t have to trust you with their money, or their time. So show genuine appreciation for them when they do. 


Step #4: Be responsive to feedback and comments, both positive and negative. 

Even painful reviews may be able to teach you something. At the very least, recognize that those people took time to share their feedback. And remember that not everyone is going to like what you have to say – and not everyone is called to hear what you have to say. 


Step #5: Be true to your brand identity and your values. 

Know what you stand for and why you’re here – the people you are called to reach and how you are called to help them. 


Step #6: Reward your fans for their loyalty with exclusive perks. 

This is huge, but it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you money. One of the things I did when I was rebuilding was just bringing people together and sharing my expertise. Yes, you could use that time for something else, and you could be earning money in that timeframe. But when you pour into others, and they know you genuinely care about them and the message that you are putting out there, it makes a huge difference. 


If you want people to be spiritually healthy, for example, there’s no better way to demonstrate your commitment to that than by spending time with people and helping them become spiritually healthy. So this is an opportunity for you to put your convictions into action. When you do that, your fans will reward you, because they’ll see that you’re genuine and that you’re really about the mission that God has you on, not just about the money. 


Give; Don’t Take


To reiterate, books don’t sell themselves; authors sell books. However, successful authors don’t just rely on their sales skills to get big sales. Instead, they are strategic, and they leverage relationships. They create raving fans who are willing to support them through word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. And in return, their willingness to help others is rewarded with increased sales. 


It’s similar to the promise of Luke 6:38: “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (NIV) This principle applies to book sales and to growing our ministry or business. When we make the commitment to invest in relationships and pour into others, then we will see the results that we want.


Now that you know about the sales strategy of building relationships and helping others, it’s time to put that knowledge into action. Over the next week, make it a point to reach out to three people you know and offer to help them in some way. It could be as simple as coffee or lunch, or offering to introduce them to someone you know who can help them with their books or their business. 


Whatever you do, just make sure that you are sincere and your intentions are pure. You see, often in sales, we focus on the transaction and not the relationship. We think about what we need to close the deal, but not what we can do to help others succeed. But when we shift our focus and put our emphasis on building strong relationships, everything changes. We become more successful salespeople, because we are better equipped to help others succeed. And that is the true key to success in sales. 


Remember, sales relationships are all about giving, not taking. So go out there and start making a difference in the lives of others – I guarantee you it will make you feel good, and you’ll get sales along the way. Then tune in next week for Book Sales Success Secret #4!



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