Book Launch Success Secret #8: 7 Steps to a Successful Launch Day

, Book Launch Success Secret #8: 7 Steps to a Successful Launch Day

Book Launch Success Secret #8: 7 Steps to a Successful Launch Day


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Launching a book is an exciting moment for any author. It’s the culmination of months, and sometimes years, of hard work. But all too often authors make a big mistake at this stage in the process. If the launch day fails to draw an engaged audience or entice readers to pick up the book, all that hard work can fall flat.


In Part 8 of the Book Launch Success Secrets series, Coach Tam breaks down the exact steps you need to take to get your audience engaged and inspired. When you lay the proper foundation for your launch, people will not only want to attend your launch day event, but they’ll purchase your book with enthusiasm!


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • Why your book launch day isn’t about you — and who’s actually most important at this big event
  • 7 steps to take for a successful book launch
  • What to do before, during, and after your launch day to create excitement and encourage people to buy your book


Serve Before You Sell


Before we get into the steps for a successful book launch, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. 


First of all, launch day is not about you. Yes, this is your book, your labor of love. Yes, you’ve worked really, really hard on it. But remember that this book was written for someone else — your audience. 


Too often authors make the mistake of thinking that their book launch is all about them. That it’s about selling as many books as possible and getting their name out there. And, of course, you do need to sell books and get your name out there, because that’s the only way your message gets out there, too. But what matters isn’t just what you do, but also how you do it. 


The best way to get your message out there is by adopting a value-first philosophy. This means serving before you sell. It means focusing on your ideal reader and their needs. And it means trusting that as you focus on giving those readers what they need, you will get what you need. 


The second thing to keep in mind is that your readers are the most important people in your book launch. Ultimately, they’re the ones who determine whether your book is a success and makes an impact. So on launch day, you need to provide value to your readers. That means giving them something they can use, learn from, or be entertained by at the actual launch event. If you show up for your readers and address their needs, then they will show up for you by buying your book and recommending it to others. 


The bottom line is that the readers are the ones who can make or break your book. So make sure that you focus on giving them what they want in your book launch event. It’s not about you; it’s about the readers. This is a really simple principle, but when you put it into practice, it can make all the difference in the world for your book launch. 


7 Steps to a Successful Book Launch Day


With all that in mind, let’s jump into planning a successful launch day event. There are seven basic steps to ensure this big day is a success.


1. Gather your fans.


This first step goes back to what we discussed in Book Launch Success Secret #7. You’ve already recruited a launch team, but there are some other people you want to include in the launch event. Those people are former and current clients who already know and love you and people who are already interested in the subject matter or story.

Although these people may not be part of your official launch team, they are passionate about what you wrote. You want these people to help you spread the word about your upcoming launch day event so it starts with a bang. 


But here’s the key: You’re not just asking them to help you. It’s not just about doing you a favor. You’re asking them to help your audience. That’s why it’s important that they connect with your book’s message, either because they personally know its value or because they know someone who has benefited from what you are sharing. They need to have an emotional connection, not just to the subject matter, but to the reader and wanting to see them set free, healed, and delivered. 


2. Get people excited in advance.


Sometimes, authors get close to launch day and worry that they’re talking about their book launch too much. But don’t take your foot off the gas! Keep talking and posting about that launch to keep the excitement high. 


As you continue posting on social media about your upcoming launch, be sure to explain what will happen on launch day. Don’t just ask people to come buy your book — you need to tell them why they should want to attend. 


There are lots of different ways to do this, like:


  • Using graphics and videos
  • Doing a series of interviews with other authors or influencers
  • Hosting a live stream breaking down the subject matter of your book
  • Sharing sneak peeks of your book’s content


The more people see the benefit of your book ahead of time, the more likely they are to attend your event and purchase a copy of the book. So make sure that you’re getting people excited in advance — and again, that you’re focusing on what they need, not what you need. 


3. Plan and create engaging content.


On your launch day, people don’t just want to hear about your book. What they really want is content that enriches their lives. So you want to create an experience such that people leave your launch event differently than they entered it. 


What does this look like? It could include: 


  • Activities like a Q&A session, where people get to ask questions about topics related to your book
  • People sharing inspiring stories connected with your book’s message
  • People who benefited from reading the advance copy of your book sharing how it’s impacted them and what they’ve learned
  • Fun contests or games based on the book’s message


All of these ideas will help create buzz and genuine excitement about what you have to offer your readers.  


4. Be organized.


You’ve done a lot of work up until this point, but the work isn’t over yet. Make sure you pay attention to detail as you plan your launch day. Assign roles of who’s going to do what at the event, and make sure everyone is clear on the expectations. 


You want this event to feel smooth, to feel light and airy, not cumbersome or clumsy. So make sure you work with your launch team in advance to lay out what is expected so your event goes smoothly. 


5. Take time to pray.


No matter how much you prepare, it’s still important to have someone pray with and for you before the launch event. This can strengthen your resolve, put you in a place of peace about everything that’s happening, and help you stay positive throughout the event. 


Don’t just go through the logistical steps. Make sure you invite God into your launch day experience and ask Him to help to calm you and to help you create a great experience for your readers. Then trust that He will do exactly as you’ve requested. 


6. Enjoy the day!


You’ve done all you can. Now all that’s left is creating an exciting experience for everyone who attends your launch event. 


Create a welcoming atmosphere that sets everyone at ease that encourages them to engage with each other and to celebrate the book’s release. Having fun shows that you are confident and excited about your work, so create an ambience and a tone for the event that is light, airy, and memorable. Bring all of the positive energy that you can to the launch day experience. 


7. Follow up.


Technically, we’ve covered everything leading up to the launch day. But there’s one more thing for you to do: follow up. After your launch day has come and gone, don’t forget to follow up with those who attended the event or bought books. Send them an email or a shout-out on social media, thanking them for all the support. 


This is also a great opportunity to ask everyone to leave honest reviews about your book. Ask them to share how the book blessed them and any takeaways they have from reading it. And if there’s anything they would want to improve about the book, ask them to share that as well. It’s only going to make your book better the next time around. 


Go Launch that Book!


Remember, a successful book launch is all about dedicating the time and effort to ensure everything goes smoothly. It’s not just about writing a great book — you have to pay attention to all of the details and be proactive to avoid snags along the way. Once you’ve laid the groundwork, then you can trust that God will allow everything to work together for your good and that launch day will be a great experience for all who attend.


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