Wednesday Wisdom: Metabolism Myths

Happy Hump Day! Let's talk about metabolism. I am sure you have heard different things on the topic and have a few questions. What role do genes play? How is it that some people stay [...]

Make a U-Turn

Making the decision to change can be a big decision for some people. Let's face it. It takes courage to step up and play an active role in determining your future. Some people will spend [...]

Monday Motivation: Get Your Mojo Back

Good morning and welcome to a brand new week! This week's challenge: Get your mojo back. The first few months of a lifestyle change can be exciting! You're focused and determined to reach your goals [...]

The Best Workout For Weight Loss

I get this question all of the time... "What is the best way to exercise to lose weight?" The answer is... It depends. That is probably not the answer you were hoping for but it [...]

The Importance of Breakfast

Did you know that 78% of successful losers (those that have lost 30 lbs. of and kept it off for at least one year) in this study eat breakfast EVERY day. So if you have been skipping [...]

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