Always Enough: The Healing Power of the Holy Spirit with Mimi Kroger 

, Always Enough: The Healing Power of the Holy Spirit with Mimi Kroger 

Always Enough: The Healing Power of the Holy Spirit with Mimi Kroger 


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What if your physical ailments had a spiritual cause – and could be healed spiritually? This week’s Publishing Secrets guest, Mimi Kroger, found that to be absolutely true in her case. After wrestling with body image issues, an eating disorder, and an autoimmune disease for many years, revelations from the Holy Spirit helped her realize the issues were rooted in false beliefs about her own worth. 


While not all physical health problems have spiritual sources, Mimi has found that many do. Now, she’s on a mission to help people find wholeness in body, spirit, and soul through the healing power of the Holy Spirit. 


In this episode, you’ll also hear:


  • How false beliefs about her own worth manifested physically for Mimi – and how an encounter with the Holy Spirit brought her the healing she needed
  • The life-changing healing power of Rhema words from God
  • Mimi strategy to write every day, even when she was busy or wanted to be doing other things instead
  • What Mimi learned through the process of writing, publishing, and finding writer communities along the way
  • How dieting traps people in cycles of guilt – and how to break free


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There’s no question that relationships are important. In fact, relationships may be one of the most important things in our lives. And as Christians, we know that our relationship with God is essential. But did you know that having a relationship with the Holy Spirit is just as important? 


When you think about it, we talk about God a lot. We talk about Jesus a lot. But we don’t talk as much about the Holy Spirit. Yet the Holy Spirit can impact our lives in such amazing ways. He is a triune of the Godhead, and empowers us to live a life of victory. The Holy Spirit teaches us how to live and how to become more like Christ, and He can even be a partner in our journey to health and wholeness, filling us with God’s healing power. 


Mimi Kroger can attest to this truth. She had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that changed her life, and now she’s on a mission to make sure everyone else knows just how powerful the Holy Spirit is. Whether your focus right now is on your health and wholeness or on the journey to getting your book published, let Mimi inspire you to keep going – not only in what God has called you to, but in getting deeper in your relationship with the Holy Spirit. 


Physical Disease, but a Spiritual Cause


Mimi is a great example of the common saying, “you don’t look like what you’ve been through.” She grew up as the daughter of immigrants and amidst a lot of turmoil: navigating a new culture and dealing with more restrictions and harsher discipline than many of her peers. “Although my parents loved me, literally almost too much,” Mimi explains, “it did affect my soul.” 


The toll all this turmoil took on Mimi manifested in an eating disorder and body issues, on top of struggles with lupus, an autoimmune disease. It wasn’t until she started getting deeper in her relationship with God and experiencing His healing power, that Mimi realized her physical ailments were actually the result of wounds to her soul. 


“I often tell people that there are times where we can see things that are happening in the natural, and they’re actually indicative of what’s going on in the spiritual,” she says. “For me, I had lupus, which is an overactive immune system. And so I actually had a lot of self-hatred, a lot of things that I believed about myself that weren’t true. And I felt like my immune system was just responding to what I believed about myself.” 


Mimi is quick to add that this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, physical diseases or issues have completely natural causes. But for Mimi, the root cause was spiritual, and was related to both lies she believed about herself and a hesitancy to trust others. 


As the Holy Spirit helped Mimi learn to overcome those beliefs, she found physical healing as well. When her lupus necessitated a kidney transplant, Mimi was amazed at people’s willingness to help. 


“I had these belief systems that I really couldn’t trust people,” Mimi recalls. “And God uses everything for good, so even with the kidney transplant, the Lord ended up using that to teach me about who I was – that I was loved – and that people could be trusted.”


The Holy Spirit: Rhema Words & Healing Power 


Mimi says it was a long journey for her to really understand the role of the Holy Spirit in the healing process. While many people know that the Holy Spirit exists, and that it’s important for us as Christians to spend time reading the Word of God, Mimi has learned that we can only receive a revelation from that Word through the Holy Spirit breathing life into it. 


Mimi explains that these words are called Rhema words, and they’re a little different from logos, the other term the Bible uses to describe the words of God. “The Logos is really the written word of God, the words that you read on a page,” she says. “But a Rhema is a spoken word to you. And it has to be done through the Spirit – it has to be from Spirit to spirit.” 


As Mimi has learned from experience, these Rhema words can come from anything – a kidney transplant, a movie, while reading the Bible – and they have healing power to cause actual change. That’s why Mimi believes it’s so important for us to understand that the Holy Spirit is “our direct line of communication with the Father,” and also our counselor. 


And that’s why Mimi knew from the beginning that her book’s title would have to reference the Holy Spirit: because as she started to develop a true relationship with God, her life truly started to change. 


What Is the Lord Leading You To Do?


For many people, becoming an author is a lifelong dream. But for Mimi, it wasn’t even something she thought about until God impressed it on her heart. And when He did, her first instinct was to resist. 


As a very active personal trainer, the last thing Mimi wanted to do every day was sit down and write. But she knew God wanted her to write, and so she disciplined herself and obeyed. “I set my timer every day,” she recalls. “I gave myself an hour a day, and whether I wrote one sentence, or a whole paragraph, or a whole page, or two pages – or whatever it was – it was good enough as long as I put my time in.”


Now, Mimi enjoys writing, but that joy might never have emerged if she hadn’t made a commitment to do it every day. That’s why she says, “One of the best tips I could give is just to do what the Lord is leading you to do.” 


Why did Mimi make such a commitment, when at the time she didn’t even enjoy the thought of writing every day? Because she cared about the message she had been given, and she knew people needed to read it. Ultimately, it came down to a desire to honor God and share His healing power with everyone she could. 


“Their destiny has become part of mine,” she says now. “It’s my joy to see people be free. Jesus paid a high price for us to be able to benefit from everything that He did on our behalf, and so I always want Him to get the full measure, the full price, of his suffering – which is every person that I meet being able to accomplish what He has purposed for them.” 


Teaching Moments from God


Now, as a certified behavior change specialist – which she says is essentially a life coach using biblical principles – Mimi helps people find healing through life-changing activations with the Holy Spirit. 


As an example, she shares the story of a time when she went through a soul-healing session of her own. While asking God why she still felt as though she weren’t enough, a memory was brought to her mind: as a young child, she had her first taste of mango. It was so good that she went back for a second piece, only to be scolded because it was intended to be shared by everyone. 


“In that moment, unbeknownst to me, I created or accepted some belief systems,” Mimi explains. “That maybe I wasn’t worth it, that I wasn’t worth another piece of mango, or that there wasn’t enough – that I wasn’t enough – and that there wasn’t enough to go around.” 


Following that memory, Mimi then saw a different scene: Jesus sitting with her at a child’s table, smiling at her and offering her all the mango she could want. That encounter was a Rhema word for Mimi, assuring her that she was – and is – enough, and that God’s supply would not run out. 


Mimi’s story is evidence that revelations from the Holy Spirit can and do have healing power to replace our false belief systems about ourselves with the truth of how God sees us. 


God Always Provides


Although there were days when Mimi would only write a few sentences, as she worked on her book, she found herself wanting to include too much and having to cut out a lot of content that simply didn’t fit. 


Initially, Mimi’s plan had been for her book to address healing power for the spirit, soul, and body. But when she hit 250 pages and hadn’t even started writing about bodily healing yet, she knew it wouldn’t be possible. So, instead of trying to cram everything in, Mimi stuck to the most important parts – soul and spirit – and later wrote an ebook to cover what she wanted to say about bodily healing, especially related to issues of overeating and diet culture. . 


But choosing what to include and what to cut out wasn’t the only obstacle Mimi faced while writing her book and getting it published. She says the hardest part was finding the right people to work with – editor, proofreader, cover designer, etc. – and making sure she took care of all the little details. 


Fortunately, she didn’t have to do it all alone. Through a self-publishing school, Mimi was able to form a relationship with other authors for mutual encouragement and support. At the same time, she also learned to give herself grace when life got in the way and her goals and plans had to be changed. As Mimi has learned, God provides, even if it’s not quite within the timeframe we set for ourselves. 


The C.A.N. Tour: Bringing Everything Together


After Mimi’s book was published – and became a best-seller, at that – she eventually found her way into our Christian Authors Network community, where she joined the Christian Authors Network Podcast Tour to get her message in front of even more audiences. 


While exposure was a big factor in Mimi’s decision to join the C.A.N. Tour, she says that through the process, she also learned a lot, from getting her marketing materials organized to meeting strict deadlines. 


“The people that God brings into our lives are there for a reason,” she says now. “And they have wisdom, and they have experience that we don’t have. And so we can kind of think that we know which direction to go, but we have to listen to the people that God puts in front of us to help us, so that we can grow.” 


For Mimi, part of this process was putting together her ebook, which serves as a great tool to help people even beyond her first book. While the book focuses on soul and spirit healing, the ebook focuses on being set free from cycles of legalism and guilt that stem from diet culture – but both point to the healing power of the Holy Spirit.


“It’s just like your house,” Mimi says of watching everything come together. “When it’s in chaos, and you’ve got something over here and something over there, it just doesn’t feel good. But now I’m kind of organized, and everything’s under one nice umbrella.”


Mimi’s journey shows us the importance of clarity – of having everything connected in one pretty package so it’s clear to your audience what your central message is and how you can serve them. 


Not Perfect; Just Anointed


Maybe you, like Mimi, have a message that you know God has placed in your heart to share with the world. But there are obstacles – either internal or external – that are stopping you from moving forward and getting that message out. Maybe you need to experience the Holy Spirit’s healing power before you can put your message into words, or maybe you’ve already received healing and need to share it with others so they can heal, too. 


Whatever is holding you back, Mimi shares a word of encouragement that she received directly from the Holy Spirit: “It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be anointed.” If God has called you to share this message, then God will equip and empower you to do so. 


Rather striving to meet impossible standards of perfection, Mimi reminds us that all we have to do is follow God’s lead and let Him provide. “You actually don’t have to be perfect,” Mimi concludes. “We know the One who was, and He is for you, and He’s in you through the Holy Spirit.” 



, Always Enough: The Healing Power of the Holy Spirit with Mimi Kroger 

Mimi Kroger is a powerful Health & Weight Loss Coach with a heart for helping others heal through Biblical principles. After healing from an eating disorder, body image issues, lupus, and other life traumas with God’s help, Mimi started Healthy Happy & Heavenly to guide her clients to health and wholeness rooted in a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Her mission is to bring others into the same freedom she’s received through faith-based coaching, nutritional guidance, and discovering the root causes of emotions. As a bestselling author, speaker, nationally certified personal trainer, nutrition guide, and behavior change specialist, Mimi empowers her clients to become the healthiest versions of themselves – mind, body, and spirit.

Mimi is a mom to an awesome adult son, and she resides in Colorado with her loving husband, Ben. They have one tenacious Yorkie named Hugs!



Website: healthyhappyandheavenly.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/healthyhappyandheavenly 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/krogermimi

Facebook: https://facebook.com/healthyhappyandheavenly 


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