Gifted with Goals – Aeriel Matthews

Gifted with Goals – Aeriel Matthews

Gifted with Goals – Aeriel Matthews

You know those small moments in your day where God will use the most inconspicuous thing to illustrate a point? You may have experienced this a hundred times over, so this isn’t new to you. In this week’s “random moments God speaks to me”, he used a game I was playing on my phone to show me a new perspective. These last few weeks, I’ve been feeling stagnant as if Thanksgiving dinner is still sitting in my gut and creeping towards the floor, dragging my energy with it. I’ve been faced with a few decisions and more decisions within those decisions, so my mind has been busy trying to straighten out possibilities. *EXHAUSTING*

As my days seemed to clump together, I began to feel like a failure for not meeting my own daily goals. On this day, I wanted to try and relax so I started playing a game. I haven’t played it in a while due to well, being stagnant in the game too! In order for me to get to the next level, I have to replay the former levels to end each one with 3 stars. There were only a few where I had earned 3 stars, while the majority only had 2 and in order to unlock the next level, I had to make 3 stars in every level before it.

So, I go back and start replaying levels and as I strategize to beat the goals assigned, I realized after 2 levels, that I still hadn’t earned my last star. I beat the daily goal and the expert goal at each level so, I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong. It wasn’t until I was getting ready to replay the level a third time, that I saw the last section under the expert goal, the challenge section. The long sentence slowly scrolled by, describing what should be done to earn the last star and a light bulb went off!

How many of us are solely focused on completing the daily goal or even the expert goal? Yet, we miss the challenges of our lives, seasons, and days. While most of us won’t consider what we’d describe as a challenge every day, we still have the responsibility to prepare and we can’t prepare for and achieve what we don’t know.

Daily goal

What’s your daily goal? A daily goal is typically a small, reachable goal that aims to accomplish on a more consistent basis. It can be tangible or intangible, for example, having the goal to be optimistic or to be a cleaner person. Although the goal is a small one, don’t disqualify the change it can bring.

Expert goal

An expert goal is a step above the daily goal as it takes more effort. This can be a monthly, weekly, or even quarterly goal, but it helps to meet a quota of some sort. Increasing your workout time by 10 minutes each week. Committing to be more adventurous by trying “x” number of new things in a month or committing to having a specific amount of money in your savings. Your expert goal should help better your life in a more meaningful way. Of course, more discipline is required, so prepare to have a game plan and stick to it.


Your challenge is a goal that you’ve always wanted to achieve; typically, a life goal. This is bigger than the aforementioned tiers and usually takes more time. Getting your degree, building a successful business, becoming a healthier you. These are only a few examples, but just because your challenge takes more time than the others, it’s vital that we take notes of our levels of determination, motivation, and persistence. Think outside the box, reach back in your childhood for (reasonable and legal *WINK*) things you’ve always wanted to do.

In all of these things, time (no matter how short or long) and comfort can threaten accomplishing goals, so checking in with your own progress is essential as well as extending yourself grace, not excuses. This is beyond a new hobby or skill, this is a new lifestyle.

Meet Aeriel

Aeriel is a blogger, author, and speaker from Maple Hill, NC, and resides in Greensboro, NC. Her ministry centers around middle and high school-aged children, as well as those who are new to Christ and looking to understand their faith. Her goal is to show people the relevant nature of Christ in their daily lives through her books and blog at www.aerielwynnell.com.

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