Advantages-of-Working-One-on-One-with-a-Coach-265-PointWhen it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle, working one-on-one with a coach has a lot of benefits. With a personalized approach, a coach can provide you with the knowledge and rationale behind what you’re working toward.

Here are six advantages of working one-on-one with a coach:

1. Education

Sometimes it’s easy to think of personal training or one-on-one coaching as hiring someone to write workouts for you, and that’s it. Personalized coaching goes much further than just a workout. Instead, you have a knowledgable resource to explain the “why” behind what you’re doing.

2. Personalized Approach

Some people prefer the group class environment while others do better with a personal coach. With a personal trainer or coach, you know that you are getting a workout and lifestyle program that is tailored to your goals and current fitness level.

3. Reality Check

When setting health and fitness goals, it’s easy to get carried away. The problem with unrealistic goals is rather than pushing you to work extra hard, they can actually decrease your motivation. A coach can be just the reality check that you need to set attainable goals and keep you on the right track.

4. Accountability

If you’re the only person who knows you planned on waking up at 5 am to work out, it’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll get that workout in… tomorrow. A coach who knows your training and lifestyle program provides you with accountability. If you end up skipping a workout, they will know.

5. Flexible Scheduling

Both in-person and online coaching sessions are scheduled around your schedule. Rather than trying to cram in a class that is only held at 5 pm on Wednesday afternoons, a coach can work around your schedule so that you can get things in at the times that are most convenient for you.

6. Recovery from Setbacks

Setbacks can be hard to come back from. If you have a long weekend that pulls you back into some bad habits, a coach is a great resource to help get you back on track. Not only that, but they can also suggest some tools to use the next time you encounter a similar challenge.

265 Point in Charlotte, NC offers in-person as well as online one-on-one coaching. Our Forever Fit One-On-One Coaching & Accountability program is for busy professionals who are seeking some extra support with creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. To get started or to learn more, contact us today.