5-Tips-for-Staying-Motivated-to-Work-Out-265-PointStarting a new fitness program can be exciting! Sure, you might be feeling a little nervous. But at the same time, you’re probably extremely motivated to get started.

One of the challenges people face when it comes to their workout routines is how to stay motivated. It can be tough to maintain that level of excitement, especially when thinking about your long-term success.

Here are five tips for staying motivated to work out:

1. Set Goals

What do you want to get out of your workouts? Take some time and define your goals. Once you know what you’re working toward, you have a reason to stay motivated and make an effort to get to the gym.

2. Focus on Fun

Boredom can squash motivation. To stay motivated, make sure you’re getting some variety in your workouts. With group classes, mix up the type of class you take or try out a new instructor. If you prefer to work out on your own, try some new movements or look into booking a few sessions with a personal trainer.

3. Track Your Workouts

Keeping a record of your workouts can be as simple or as complex as you’d like it to be. A workout log can be as simple as checking off days on a monthly calendar. Or, you could use a journal to record all the details of your workout. With either method, you’re able to look back at all you’ve accomplished and stay motivated to keep moving forward.

4. Get a Buddy or Join a Group

Some people prefer to work out on their own. Others do much better with a buddy or as part of a group class. Working out with others can hold you accountable and increase your motivation. Plus, you’re getting the support of others to push hard to the end of the workout or get just a few more reps before taking a rest break.

5. Be consistent.

Rather than deciding when you’ll work out each day, choose a consistent time of day and stick with it. This consistency can help keep you motivated because you don’t have to think about when you’ll fit in your workout. Just remember to stay flexible with this routine. Things are bound to come up. When they do, and you wind up missing a workout or two, get right back into your routine as soon as you can.

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